Reduce Stress with These 6 Tips for Home, Work Balance

  Life can get out of hand sometimes and it’s easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of doing too much both at work and home. Before long both get overwhelming and neither are happy. Here are three tips each to helping keep home and work balanced. Home: 1.Learn to designate. Are there […]

Taking a Corn Sample

The world has turned brown and dusty in GriggsDakota. The fields are mostly empty now, except for the cornfields.  Farmer Fred is driving the combine down the road to a cornfield to see if we can continue combining. The head, or front cutting port…

12 Country Wedding Songs That Weren’t Singles

It’s country music month and we’re not letting it go by without sharing some favorite music! I don’t get to concerts like I used to as the farm is taking time and money. You look through stacks of songs that have been singles and you know they’ve been played at many weddings or receptions…and they’re […]