Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Weaning Day

Super Bowl weekend we weaned all our equine babies. This past weekend, we weaned the Fridge. He’s gotten so big, is very handsome, and is going to be gray just like his mama! I took a couple videos. He wasn’t thrilled with being separated from her, and the feeling, is of course, mutual. He is […]

Seed Soybeans On the Truck

I think that this is a sign of Spring! Our Seed Soybeans are being hauled away.  Somewhere farmers are planning to grow Asgrow Soybeans on their farms in 2012.They will use certified seed grown in GriggsDakota for Asgrow. Asgrow sen…

Daily Farmer February 16, 2012

Jake the Cow Dog
Yesterday was gorgeous. Though I shared one photo with you, so y’all already know that, right?
But what some of you probably didn’t see was Jake the Cow Dog, or the broodmares. Jake had…
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Daily Farmer Feb…