Day: April 26, 2012

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As several may have noticed my blog posts have slowed down here on the Haley Farms blog. This is in part because things have been pretty busy around the far the last six months. For those that are unaware I have also started writing a column for Feedst…

Department of Labor Pulls the Proposed Child Labor Regulations

Tonight I received some news that made my day!  The kids and I were taking care of our cattle when I glanced down at my phone because I had a message.   I had to do a double take when I read the … Continue reading

The Girls…

I went to visit yesterday and snapped this photo with my iPhone. After a mile long fencing project yesterday, which only involved getting 250 posts pounded into the ground, I haven’t the energy to share more this morning. Plus, I’m in charge of the chores today so I have to head to the corrals! Happy […]

Daily Farmer April 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Turkeys

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Beware Bad Advice Online
So many people think if it’s in a book or online it’s the absolute truth. Please dear readers, THINK when you see something posted. I just saw a Facebook posting that alarmed…

Continuing Spring

The geese are feasting on the tender green Winter Wheat  as we wait for green to cover the rest of the world.Spring has been hot and cold rather than gradual and continuously warming. We are not expecting any more snow drifts, so the fence ca…