Day: May 11, 2012

City Girl Meets Pig Farm

A few weeks back, a good friend of mine from St. Louis came to visit our farm for the first time.  Not only was this her first trip to our farm, it was her first trip to any pig farm.  … Continue reading

Mother’s Day On & Off the Farm

Growing up I remember one thing I could count on. Whether I was showing cattle or horses or dogs, whenever possible I could look out of the ring and mom was there. It’s not that she was so much an “agnerd”, as some friends might say. It was because support was important and she made […]

Photo of the Week

This week you can purchase “Sun Flare In December” in a 16×24 size for $40+$10 S&H. Regularly priced at $55.92+ $10 S&H, you’re getting a pretty good discount, on a gorgeous photo that would be a great addition to any room! Also, don’t forget that you can now shop my photos right from my Facebook […]

Daily Farmer May 11, 2012

Disappointing Losses & Reality Checks No matter if we do all the right things sometimes plans don’t go right. First time mamas can be clumsy and hormonal, and in the case of two of our first timers it’s been with extreme… Read More! Daily Farmer May 10, 2012 I am Just a Farmer: My latest on the Just Farmers blog The term “just a farmer” can mean a lot of things. For several in agriculture it’s a negative connotation as it implies that farmers are “just”… Read More! Inspecting and Analyzing  The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst have been busy this week.Corn planting has continued and they have taken turns riding in the buddy seat with Farmer Fred as he fertilizes the corn… Read More!

Spring Calves on a Spring Day

 In the Spring we enjoy watching the water move after months of lakes in a solid state.And who can resist Spring calves? These two are bottle babies. The calves have already been fed, so are a little reserved as we approach the fence.&nb…