Ag In the Bible – Horses in Heaven

It’s been a rough day here – after a very cool cowboy church, we found Princess (our 6th place national doe, due next week with her first litter) near dead in her cage.

There was a song Lawrence Shaul played and this video was referenced to share.

Last week I saw news that the horse that carried Stacy Westfall to the national spotlight, was put down after an injury in her stall.

There’s an awesome stable in heaven – I know some of the ones I’ve had. Joe. Stars. Sierra.

Many moons ago I was riding Sierra through a forested area in western Washington. An Appaloosa mare who was skin and bones when I got her, she’d become a trusted mount. We’d approached a log and as I asked her to step over it she hesitated. I pressed her on saying “where’s your faith?” and a voice said “where’s yours?” There was no one around, but as Sierra stepped over her fear I knew we could get through ours too.

Those green fields are a blessing…and look forward to those rides in Heaven.