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Raising the Barn Quilt

We just installed a barn quilt on the barn at our farm. My sister describes the history of the quilt as follows. “In the early1900s, my maternal great-great-grandmother Inez Newton made a quilt using her own variation on the Whig Rose Pattern. Around that same time, a barn was being erected on the ground that […]

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Indiana Small Farm

A small farm is an important part of agriculture.  But I’m not talking about a few acres so much as a few carpets.  Our son, somewhat by default, is really into farming.  He’s five years old and he will tell his great grandpa, granpda, and dad how to operate equipment in the field.  And he will be […]

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Plotting for Profit

It has been said a financial portfolio should be diversified to protect the investment and cast a greater net for profit.  We do something like that on our farm even though on the surface we may not seem very diverse.  Yes we raise corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat.  But break it down further to find […]

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Corn Sidedress Nitrogen Rate Test

Fertilizing corn is one of the largest expenses on our farm, and Nitrogen (N) is the biggest contributor to that cost.  Over that last few seasons we have changed our N program quite a bit with goals of improving corn yield, more effective application timing, and reducing costs. In recent years we have stepped away […]

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