Author: Chris Chinn

There Is No Health Insurance for Pigs

Understanding Antibiotic Use on American Farms and Ranches On our farm, it’s normal for us to have entire groups of pigs that never have had any antibiotics when they go to market.  Yes, you read that correctly. I know this … Continue reading

Taking My Farm Story to New York City

Last week I had an amazing opportunity, I went to New York City to meet with journalists and bloggers.  The point of our visit was to help share our farm story and put a face on agriculture. As a farmer, … Continue reading

Why Do Hog Farmers Keep Their Pigs Inside Barns?

This morning I stumbled across a letter to the editor that does an EXCELLENT job explaining what it is like to raise hogs outdoors.  There are several farmers who still use this method of production and I know they are … Continue reading

National Agriculture Day Down on the Farm

Yesterday was National Agriculture Day, a day to celebrate agriculture in our country. On our farm, we spent the day caring for our livestock like we do every day on the farm. I began my day at a meeting that … Continue reading

Farming in a Blizzard, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

We have really been hit hard with winter weather in the last 6 days. The first round of bad weather dumped around a foot of snow on our farm.  We need the moisture but when it comes in the form … Continue reading

Life In a Rural Community

Last week our daughter had a big basketball game at her school against a neighboring town; it was the “Think Pink” game that is becoming an annual tradition for our school.  FCCLA organized this event to raise money for breast … Continue reading

So God Made A Farmer – What About the Modern Farm?

I’m not a big football fan but I do love spending time with my husband.  My husband watches one football game a year on TV, and that’s the Super Bowl.  Many of my friends tell me how lucky I am … Continue reading

Larry the Feed Guy

When Rachelle was five days old, I went back to work full-time on our farm.  “Why so soon,” you might ask?  I had to write paychecks and pay bills, we had a week’s worth of sows that had been bred … Continue reading

Another Cold Day on the Farm

It’s winter time and it’s cold outside! This isn’t my favorite time of the year, I don’t like being cold.  Farmers who care for livestock normally spend quite a bit of time in the cold weather.  You might be saying, … Continue reading

No School Means More Hands to Build Fences

Today our kids didn’t have school. They were looking forward to a four day school week and so was their dad! The kids were excited about less school work and homework but Kevin was excited because he would have two … Continue reading