Author: Chris Chinn

Caring For Our Farm Animals and Recovering from Weather Damage

This week has been very challenging for our family farm.  During the night Sunday our area experienced tornadoes and high winds in excess of 100 mph.  Our family feed mill which supplies feed for all of our hogs was in the path … Continue reading

Fredbird Comes to the Farm

A few weeks back we had a special guest at our hog farm, it was FREDBIRD from the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  The St. Louis Cardinals, and left-fielder, Matt Holliday, are teaming up with Missouri Farmer’s Care for their … Continue reading

Has Disney Changed?

I grew up watching the Disney Sunday movie every week with my parents and siblings.  It was the highlight of the week for my sister and I and we couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive.  Mom would pop popcorn for … Continue reading

Are You Food Insecure?

Did you know roughly 343,000 Missourians are experiencing hunger?  Did you know when it comes to hunger, rural regions have the highest concentrations of high need counties in Missouri?  I didn’t either until this week. This morning I traveled to … Continue reading