Author: Ryan Weeks

#Harvest14 Begins on Our Farm

#Harvest14 is off and going on our farm as of a couple days ago.   We look forward to a good harvest and hope everyone else has a bountiful one along with a safe one.   Her are a few photos as we got the first field of soybeans opened up and some ears from […]

Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked

Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked.

Farm Week in Pictures 4/30/2014

Been a slow last week here from the crop standpoint.  Received 2.5-4.5 inches of rain last week and started off Monday and Tuesday both with rain and another 1/2 inch.  We have around 375 acres of corn in the ground and are ready to roll on both corn and soybeans at the same time here […]

Our Farm Week in Pictures 7/12/2013

Gravity irrigation.  We are in full out irrigation mode.  Very dry here.  To say we are out of the drought right here is a fallacy!!! Irrigating the popcorn by pivot irrigation.  Also putting fertilizer thru the pivot A quick family visit to the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska while at a baseball tourney. Our kids […]

Our Farm In Pictures: Baseball, John Deere, Flipped Pivot and a New Home

Well, after quite a bit of time off from the blog, here we go again.  Been a busy 2013 so far.  All of our crops are in the ground for this year and have all emerged.  We will be raising popcorn, white corn, yellow corn, alfalfa and prairie hay this year.     We welcomed […]

Catching Up on the Happenings On Our Family Farm

Many things are going on here at our farm this winter. We are spending time doing crop planning, receiving seed corn, booking chemicals, repairing equipment, building a few things and the list goes on and on. We have hired a full time employee this year. Mason just graduated from Hastings College in December and started […]

#Harvest12 in Pictures

We have been very busy with harvest the last couple weeks. Here are a couple pics to catch up with he happenings here. One is a picture of seed corn that is picked on the ear being unloaded at Producers Hybrids, one is of soybean harvest, one of corn harvest, one is of the data […]

Wordless Wednesday, Corn Flaker at the Local Feedlot