Author: Ryan Weeks

Board Duty, Is It Worth It? Yes! School Board at Adams Central? I’m Not Sure!

I often get asked the question, “why do you spend so much time serving on boards?”  The simple answer is that I feel all should serve their community in some way.  Whether that is in your school, church, fire department, town council, 4-H, MOPS or any other service to the greater good of others, I […]

Our Farm Week In Pictures 11/6/2011

Well, we finished up harvest a little over a week ago and it has been a blur of activity since then.  We are shredding stalks on the gravity irrigated fields, discing up our organic quarter to return it to conventional production, drying grain in the bins to prepare the crop for winter storage, cleaning up […]

Raising “Food Animals”

Raising “Food Animals” Animals hold many roles in our society. Growing up in urban South Florida, I had more experience with “pet animals” than any other. However, my dad likes to hunt so I was also familiar with wild animals that became food on my dinner table. When I married Matt, moved to Nebraska, and […]

Our Farm Week In Pictures 10-16-2011

Just a few pictures to catch you up with what we have going this time of year.  We are currently very busy with yellow corn harvest and have seen some very good yields.  We finished soybeans a few days ago.  The corn is still a little too wet to go to the elevator with it […]

Our Farm Week In Pictures 10-6-2011

We have been very busy around here.  Harvest is in full swing.  We will finish with soybeans by tomorrow and switch to corn.  The yields on the soybeans have been very good, but there are some larger varietal differences than I would like to see.  Sounds like a front moving in will bring rain by […]

Adams Central School Bond 2.0 (no updates from version 1.0)

This is what the Adams Central School Board voted to try to take away from us last night along with other great schools! I would hope that you all would fight to bring some common sense to this process. The Juniata Elementary School is only three years older than the high school and was completely […]

Our Farm Week in Pictures 9-8-2011

The last couple weeks we have been busy with State Fair, incorporating manure for next years corn crop, readying harvest equipment and making decisions for the 2012 crop year such as seed, fertilizer, cropping system, etc.

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One of the things I really came to the realization of this weekend at the Agchat Foundation Conference is that as hard as you try to be yourself in your online conversations, the real you doesn’t get across until you have those in person conversations not limited by 140 characters or the time we spend […]

Everyday Is Take Your Children To Work Day On The Farm

One of the things we are blessed with being in agriculture is the ability to take our children to work with us whenever we please. All of our kids grow up working with me on the farm. This summer I have had our son out irrigating, laying out irrigation pipe, fetching tools from the toolbox […]