Author: Darin Grimm

The Ipad and Kids

This winter, I received an Ipad as part of a marketing promotion effort.  Needless to say, I was excited to finally get a chance to play with this cool new piece of technology that seems to be sweeping the globe.  To be perfectly honest I’ve been disappointed.  There’s one app, a magazine called Zite, that […]

A farmer reflects on World Earth Day 2011

This Friday, April 22nd the world will commemorate  Earth Day.   Wikipedia tells us it is a “a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment” I don’t know the full range of activities that will take place this Friday, but I suspect there will be plenty of rousing speeches, […]

Have I become “Big Ag”?

Two days worth of corn are in the ground, it rained yesterday, so early this morning we had a meeting with three of the four people involved in the day to day operation of our farm.  The point of our meeting was to review the start of planting season, how it went, and what we […]

My Top 10 List of AgChat Foundation Accomplishments

A few days ago marked the one year anniversary of the launch of the AgChat Foundation and I wanted to take a step back to reflect on some of my personal highlights of the last year.  This isn’t meant to be an official list, it’s a personal one.  It’s a bit heavy on data and […]

Corn Production 101: Why are corn prices so high?

As I write this post, the current price of corn at my local elevator stands at $6.48 per bushel.  That is a historically high price for corn, why?  In no particular order, here are some observations. 1)  Demand for corn. Look at this chart from Kansas State University showing demand for corn on a steady, […]

Praying for those in the Japan Tsunami

Woke up this morning to news of the awful destruction in Japan.  It’s a bit surreal to go to bed with the major world headlines being the turmoil in the Middle East, and wake up having read news reports across many sites and not seen a single thing about that conflict today in the top […]

Reflections on food while traveling

Recently, I’ve been on the road, or in the air a lot.  Fortunately my travel schedule has slowed and I can start preparing for the spring farming season.  It’s also a time to reflect back on some of the experiences while gone.  Several things stand out, it was a busy but successful time, and hopefully […]

Dreaming of being a farmer

This is a story of a single farm kid.  A farm kid whose been my agronomist and seed dealer for several years.  He’s fulfilling a dream today, he’s headed home to the farm.  It’s something that’s hard to explain, but a fairly large percentage of the folks working in agriculture today grew up as “farm […]

Food production: a reality check

So, I “wasted” an afternoon b/c there were accusations flying around on blogs and Twitter about how the AgChat Foundation that I was involved in founding was a “pseudo non-profit organization that is driven by large bureaucratic entities and corporations”.  Well, I guess I missed that part as we worked through creating and building the […]

How big a farmer am I?

I’ve often said, before I got involved in social media, my primary outside the farm information sources talked continually of the consolidation occurring in agriculture, the reality that you either need to “get big” or “get out.”  By their definitions, it would be easy to consider my small family farm too small to be sustainable. […]