Author: Mike Haley

Winter Chores

Today was cold.  Despite the fidget temperatures and working outside for most of the day I have managed to stay comfortably warm by wearing layers of clothes and of course taking a couple breaks to warm back up. Weighing on my mind all day was the fact that the temperatures are supposed to get even […]

Pictures from around the farm…

The weather has made for an exciting July on the farm.  After 16 days of rain we were finally able to enjoy a full day of sunshine today, a sure cause for celebration!!!  We were able to get a half day of harvesting wheat earlier this week, but the excess rain has delayed us from […]

Blocking ‘ag gag’ laws may prolong abuse

Growing up on a farm, one of my biggest responsibilities was tending to the animals in our family’s care. At times livestock can be unpredictable in ways that are both amusing and frustrating, but much like a parent cares for thUeir child I cannot think of a moment that my top priority was not in […]

Farm week in pictures 5-10-12

The last spring calf was born on our farm this week.  Sorry I couldn’t get a better picture, he is a moover! Got a good start spraying weeds that have invaded my soybeans. We finished sidedressing (fertilizing) corn last week, after a rough start its finally starting to take off and look good! The mums […]

The Ultimate Sacrifice

This post is about a man from our little town whom I have never met, yet he has sacrificed everything for me and you. First Lieutenant John Runkle was fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan just a little over a year ago when when his unit was struck b…

Farm Spring in pictures.

Well its been awhile since I have posted much about the farm, so a quick update! All the corn is planted and growing. Soybeans are all in the ground, some a second time and after this most recent downpour we may have to replant some again ;( Hay season…

I am Just a Farmer: My latest on the Just Farmers blog

The term “just a farmer” can mean a lot of things. For several in agriculture it’s a negative connotation as it implies that farmers are “just” and nothing more. It’s obvious to those well connected to agriculture that this is not true as even the simplest of farmers are far more than “just,” and their […]

Weed Management, my latest column

Having grown up on a farm, there are several things about farming I just seem to know, some I have learned along the way and many more I am still learning as I go. One of the learning moments I still remember from my younger years was that shortly afte…

Find me in Feedstuffs and Just Farmers!

As several may have noticed my blog posts have slowed down here on the Haley Farms blog. This is in part because things have been pretty busy around the far the last six months. For those that are unaware I have also started writing a column for Feedst…