Author: Mike Haley

All covered in Poop.

We had a cow bloat this morning. I don’t know if she ate to much last night, or just was laying the wrong direction for to long and the gases in her rumen could not escape. Nonetheless she was stuck on her side and could not get up. I frantically started to push on her […]

As seen on TV!

That’s right, Haley Farms was recently on TV! Things can be very busy on the farm during planting season there are some things that are worth taking a few moments out of the day for.   This was definitely the case when we were asked by Cattlemen to Cattlemen if it would be ok if they stopped by […]

Showing off my boots!

This spring has kept me so busy I almost forgot to update everyone that my boots were on the Food For Thought Blog! Check it out: When do you put your boots on, Mike? This time of year, during the winter months, I typically start getting my boots dirty…

A new look!

– It may be winter, but we have been keeping pretty busy around the farm taking care of the cows, getting equipment ready for spring, seeding clover, taxes, hauling grain to town and on top of all this not only did Pam and I move to a new house but so …

On top of a grain bin – Wordless Wednesday

How many cows do I have?

How many cows do I have? This is a question that I face quite often. The simple answer, of course, is that I have no cows. While my grandfather often talked about a few shorthorn cows he and his grandfather raised on our farm there were no cows on our …

Visitors On The Farm, Oh My!

Recently a good friend I met online, Ryan Goodman, asked an interesting question on his popular blog Agriculture Proud: “How would you farm differently if a total stranger (non-farmer/rancher) followed you around all day?” I found this an interesti…

Sparboe Farms Open Letter

Thanks to Zachary Bray for sharing his thoughts on the recent undercover video linking McDonalds to animal cruelty and how it effects his families poultry farm. Zachary can be found on his newly formed blog, From Cubicle To Corral To whom it may concer…

Dirty Boots: Wordless Wednesday

As much as I try to keep clean it is an impossible task.  Take a look at my pants and boots after I assisted a cow giving birth to a calf that was coming backwards.