Author: Mike Haley

Occupy Combine: The Movement

There is a new movement afoot throughout rural America. Every fall, millions of farmers climb In their combine, head to the field and harvest their crops. Over the past couple of years, though, farmers began to add to this annual traditi…

An open letter to America

I’m not sure who may read this and knowing some of you may not know me, I want to start this off by introducing myself. I am a fifth generation grain and beef farmer from Ohio. My daily responsibilities on our family’s farm vary immensely from day …

Do Over Button

We all have days we just wish we could do over, well its finally possible!  We have created a Do Over button, just click below! .

Farm Month(s) in pictures!

Well, its been a while since I shared many pictures as I have been extra busy this summer after an unusually wet spring. hauling large round bales if timothy hay out of the field liter ruins the environment, the beauty of the country, and is not good for our cattle’s hay my nephews new kids […]

Wordless Wednesday at the Ohio State Fair.

Kady Davis with her heifer “Haley’s Jewel”

Board Rooms and Tractor Seats

  Like most kids growing up I always loved to dream and talk about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  For me there was never any question, I was going to be a farmer.  I have always … Continue reading

But Your Cows Do Eat Grass!?

  In catching up with a good friend and neighbor over the weekend an interesting conversation arose about the American diet and how we as a country are overweight.  It was very interesting to hear what my neighbor had to … Continue reading

Farm week in pictures 5/21/2011

  It was another busy week around the farm waiting for the rains to pass.  We were not able to get anything planted this week, but the week was full of lots of excitement.  Here are a few pictures from … Continue reading

Farm week in pictures 5/14/2011

Sorry for not getting any farm updates up in the past week, things are finally starting to roll around the farm. For the first time this spring we have been able to get in the fields to get some seeds … Continue reading