Author: Jillian

Plowing Up Peanuts and Grading Papers

We are plowing up peanuts on this lovely fall day! We have had a good harvest so far, with the exception of a few breakdowns and rain interruptions. This year we have had the chance to lease a Challenger to … Continue reading

Creaming Corn

I spent 8 hours Saturday creaming, bagging and freezing field corn. Some of yall just read that and realized I wrote field corn instead of sweet corn. Though it may be strange to some of my Midwestern friends, down here … Continue reading

No Bugs for Dinner Please!

Today, I read an AWESOME article by Holly Spangler over at Prairie Farmer. It had several anecdotal stories about the disconnect between HOW our food is produced and HOW we expect it to look and taste. After reading it I though about … Continue reading

Sweet Home Alabama! Remembering the April 27th Tornadoes

Last year, Alabama lost 253 lives in one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in state history. Donations and assistance poured out from all around the country. Several weeks after the storm, we visited friends in Cullman, Alabama to see their … Continue reading

Getting that Purple Seed in the Ground!

I swore that when I got a new camera I would begin blogging like it was no one’s business… Oh well, here’s to good intentions! It’s planting time! Jared and the boys have been in the field late every night … Continue reading

Goliath the Rock and our Coastal Plain Soils

Uncle Gene and Jared are taking in new ground.  One field, had a good size rock (now nicknamed Goliath) that they decided to dig up to make plowing easier. But they couldn’t find the bottom of the rock. Jared had my camera … Continue reading

Where Did the Water Go?

Last week, Jared and I walked over some new ground that we are renting. It *used* to have a pond on it.   Now, it’s just a dry pond bed in the middle of a field.   We are still … Continue reading

Winter Work

Howdy! Sorry for the long time away! Harvest is over and the winter work has begun. During the winter, we focus on fixing equipment that needs work, cleaning up harvest equipment, taking extra winter precautions with the livestock, planting cover … Continue reading

Cotton Harvest

Everyone knows that the greatest curse a southern woman can say is “bless her heart,” but have you ever heard someone say, “Well, bless her cotton pickin’ heart!” or “That just makes me so cotton pickin’ mad!” I didn’t realize … Continue reading