Author: Jillian

Etress–Stephens Wedding (full of agriculture goodness!)

Well, howdy strangers! We apologize for the haphazard postings over the past month. Between graduation, moving, the wedding, honeymoon, re-planting and the lack of internet access at our new home we haven’t been very diligent on getting posts up. But that … Continue reading


*I know we promised a post from Jared but he’s been tied up with some major planting issues so it will be a little while before we hear from him again!* Drought. It’s a word I’ve heard my entire life but never … Continue reading

Missing in Action

Jared and I have been kidnapped by life. Between finals, moving, graduation, planting, wedding planning and everyday life–we’ve been terrible about keeping the blog up-to-date. Our sincerest apologies! Here’s what’s ha-happening: Finals: Survived. ‘Nuf said. Graduation: Awesome. I (Jillian) was fortunate enough to … Continue reading

Photo Friday: Calves

Some are shy.
Some are bashful.
Some, like this guy…
…are little rascals!

Animal Abuse

This morning after a delightful extra hour of sleep due to a canceled class, I grabbed my crackberry and checked twitter. There I found two blog posts from Haley Farms and  Michele Payne-Knoper, both expressing their disgust, anger and outrage … Continue reading

And his name is…

  And his name is… Pistol Pete! Thanks to Ryan and farmerswife30 for the recommendation! Stay tuned for more updates on Pistol! –Jillian

This Calf Needs a Name!

This little guy is a pistol pete. He’s spunky and curious and if his mother hadn’t of been so upset with his sudden interest in photography, I’m pretty sure he would have walked right up to me and licked the … Continue reading

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare and the “Meat Tax”

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has announced its intention to call for an excise tax on meat, citing that meat is the “number one cause for climate change” and that a tax on meat could … Continue reading

Agchat Foundation’s First Anniversary!

Last summer I began blogging as a way to keep up with my family and describe my experience of living in a totally different setting than I was use to. (i.e: urban) In that time, I found an organization of … Continue reading

Spring Chicken

Jared’s mom, Ms. Peggy, has had eggs in the incubator for what seemed like a loooonnngggg time. (But then again, I am an impatient person!) These little guys were born on the first day of Spring.But these guys aren’t the … Continue reading