Author: Jan Hoadley

Quiet Evenings

Four years ago tonight it was dark. Scary dark. Quiet. Four years ago today ordinary people became ordinary heroes, and not so ordinary heroes. Four years ago today a barrage of tornadoes hit Alabama that changed the very landscape. I grew up in the country – so dark isn’t new. Dark where you step off […]

So You Want to Raise Rabbits

A too-common conversation recently surfaced and, as rabbit meat gets more in demand, the numbers get larger. I understand the enthusiasm for a new project. But sometimes enthusiasm needs tempered by common sense. The names here have been changed to protect the foolhardy in an effort to, hopefully, inject some common sense into the conversation […]

NPIP Flock Testing 2015 – Avian Influenza, Pullorum-Typhoid

Several years ago we signed up for the National Poultry Improvement Plan – or NPIP – a program with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and, ultimately, USDA. While many see it as the big bad guys at USDA telling us who we can buy from, the NPIP is a voluntary program that insures […]

Sustainable Agriculture – Earth Day 2015

Sustainable agriculture has become a buzz word, a fashionable thing to be. Sustainable is not just water, waste, environmental, but also financial and part of a community ecosystem. Each state, each type of farming or ranching, each management style all has a community ecosystem. There’s one for the outdoor hog people, one for confinement hog […]

SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Eggs, Earth, Edible Credits, Ebooks

Sometimes it takes being creative to get everything paid and the “E” words are excellent examples of this (that was not even intentional!). Eggs – white, brown or colored; chicken or duck we have eggs. It’s not only for eating but hatching, and sometimes beyond the ordinary. Our chickens are not necessarily ordinary to look […]

OKC 4-19-95 – In Memory

It seems another lifetime ago, and in some ways it was. Sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses filled days. There was a different struggle and sometimes we don’t get second chances. On April 19, 1995, 20 years ago this morning, many never got that second chance. I don’t have to pull up the images to see […]

SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Dogs, Debt, Delaware, Decisions

What a dilemma…D words! What words associated with SlowMoneyFarm can be found? Many come to mind, but narrowing to four has a couple obvious and a couple not so obvious. Dogs are a big part – from Diva’s Domain to Missy’s humorous poses to the ordinary day in and day out tasks, the dogs follow […]

SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Chickens, Christians, Community, Crowdsourcing

For those who think that agriculture and C would be cows, cotton or corn, well it can certainly be that. My friend Janice has an awesome blog about cotton, and Brian Scott has corn in front of many. I do grow some corn, have worked with cows, love my cotton shirts and jeans…but we’re, well, […]

SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Border Collies, Buckeyes, Bunnies, Books

As we continue the alphabet version of SlowMoneyFarm, today’s stop includes four new – or not so new – things. Buckle up for a bus ride as we charter through the B. Border Collies have been a fixture in my life since Jerry walked up when I was barely in kindergarten. Sometimes one, sometimes several […]

SlowMoneyFarm A to Z – Agriculture, Australorp, American, Access

As a means of getting more information about what we do, I’m exploring an A to Z approach, with up to four things on each letter. This can be a means of introducing something unique in our animals or varieties, or a view or something we’ve done. Shall we get started? Agriculture is an obvious. […]