Author: Jan Hoadley

Role Model of the Month

What is a role model? Many see this as a celebrity, a famous figure that reaches out to others. Recently I thought again how sometimes the best role models and inspiration isn’t those in the news for negativity, it’s those who make a difference. The first Wednesday of each month we’ll present someone who deserves […]

The Dangerous Side of Simplicity

There is a potentially dangerous thought developing among quite a few people. I see it posted more all the time but it’s broken down into an over-simplicity type statement. Invariably in different types/styles/sizes of agriculture there are comparisons made. One of these is that “everyone can grow food” – yes, they CAN. If they’re willing […]

Things Can Always Get Worse

It’s been a longstanding joke about things can always get worse. The weather, situations, politics – whatever the subject is it can be worse. That’s certainly the case lately! A friend of a friend was laid to rest today. Talk about putting a face on these storms, this will do it! It’s a story about […]

Comment on Rebuilding Alabama and Making History by SlowMoneyFarm

Thank you – we were extremely lucky. It’s a hit for us but in comparison to many it’s nothing. What’s real – the 7 week old boy who won’t remember his mom. She died protecting him, a niece and nephew. He and his dad are going forward with little – her funeral is tomorrow. That puts a face…makes it real. .Criticizing abundance doesn’t make sense. Many who haven’t eaten for days don’t care what kind of food – hunger doesn’t.

Rebuilding Alabama and Making History

What a week it’s been! The news last night of the elimination of Bin Laden spread wildly, along with speculation it wasn’t real. It’s what so many of our soldiers were determined to do, and an odd comfort but doesn’t bring back those we lost. Any death is not taken lightly – even one who […]

Comment on Preparedness pays! Alabama Storms by SlowMoneyFarm

There is a long road ahead – we missed a direct hit but it is and will affect us. Thanks! So many have lost everything.

May 5 minute break

Growing up there was a retreat near water – simply by wandering down to the creek.Take one any time from where you are!

Comment on Preparedness pays! Alabama Storms by SlowMoneyFarm

Thanks! :-)

Heritage poultry Weather the Storms

A short clip of some of our birds, safe in their pen after a devastating storm came through the south last week. Even more focused is a look at our Dominiques – our youngsters are growing and it won’t be long (months flying by!) before they’ll start laying. The spotted Muscovy duck has begun laying […]