Author: Jenn Zeller

The Weekend, on the Ranch

This weekend we got all the mares in and weaned the babies, pulled all the stud colts off and put them in with all the saddle horses, and then turned the mares back out. Needless to say the corral has been noisy and there’s mares hanging out on the fence lines chatting with their babies. […]

Winter on the Ranch

Last week we had a thick fog roll in one evening. Whenever that happens and it gets really cold like it did that evening, we get a layer of Hoar Frost on everything. I hurried around that morning so I could get some shots of the scenery, pretty as it was with everything covered in […]

Gibbs The Horse

This week we’re having a guest post, and an auction for a needy horse named Gibbs! Natalie is a Good Samaritan and stepped in when she was needed. She’s a fiery, witty, driven and otherwise good human. Here’s the story! I’m Natalie. I’m a horse crazy kid. I’m 25. Much to my mother’s chagrin I […]

Red Wine Roast

Yesterday I posted “What’s for supper” at our house on my Facebook page, and managed to get everyone all excited, so I figured I’d share the recipe.
I cooked a Home-raised, Sirloin Roast in Red Wine. I should warn you- your house will smell amazing for hours and you will be good and […]

Baby Gus

Just before Thanksgiving, the family was blessed with yet another baby! A new grandkid for Granny and Poppy and a new nephew for the cowboy and myself; as well as a new cousin for all the existing nieces and nephews on Zach’s side of the family. Friday, Gus and his folks came up […]

Come Ride With Me!

It’s a -6 this morning, but just as recently as January 8th, I was riding through a snow-free pasture, with a long sleeved shirt and a fleece on. It was even warm enough for me to don a cowboy hat again. Here’s a short video of Gump, me, and a couple of the […]

Stringer Rings

It was brought to my attention, shortly before the holidays, that I’d been missing out on something amazing. In fact, maybe even more than amazing.
I don’t keep it a secret that I love jewelry and that there’s a teenie girlie-girl streak in me. I mean I talked about the awesome rings I got […]

2011 Instagram Photos

It’s no secret I love the Instagram app for my iPhone.  And it’s no secret to those reading this blog that I take a lot of photos with my iPhone!  It’s handy, and I somehow manage to take good photos with it!
So I thought it would be fun to pull some of my favorite photos […]

Cows Baby!

It’s the time of year to feed cows and since the weather has been lovely the cows haven’t been too interested eating. But today, with temps in the 20s, and wind chills making it feel colder than that, along with swirling snow, today they were really interested!!!!

This silly ol’ cow was running alongside the […]