Author: Jenn Zeller

Weaning Day

Super Bowl weekend we weaned all our equine babies. This past weekend, we weaned the Fridge. He’s gotten so big, is very handsome, and is going to be gray just like his mama! I took a couple videos. He wasn’t thrilled with being separated from her, and the feeling, is of course, mutual. He is […]

Jake the Cow Dog

Yesterday was gorgeous. Though I shared one photo with you, so y’all already know that, right? But what some of you probably didn’t see was Jake the Cow Dog, or the broodmares. Jake had to be my model, because I didn’t have a person to photograph and the day was too beautiful to waste! I […]

Be My Valentine!

This week, just in time for Valentine’s day, I’m offering a great deal on any of my photos! Use code: BeMine at checkout, for 25% off any purchase of $25.00 or more! You can use it all week, as many times as you’d like! And if you’re in the state of South Dakota, or in […]

A Day in My Life

Friday morning didn’t start out like any other day on the ranch. I say that tongue in cheek, as there really isn’t such a thing as a “typical” day. At 6:30, when we awoke, I looked out the bedroom window to find a dozen saddle horses in our yard. That’s never a good sign, but […]

The Weekend, on the Ranch

This weekend we got all the mares in and weaned the babies, pulled all the stud colts off and put them in with all the saddle horses, and then turned the mares back out. Needless to say the corral has been noisy and there’s mares hanging out on the fence lines chatting with their babies. […]

Winter on the Ranch

Last week we had a thick fog roll in one evening. Whenever that happens and it gets really cold like it did that evening, we get a layer of Hoar Frost on everything. I hurried around that morning so I could get some shots of the scenery, pretty as it was with everything covered in […]

Gibbs The Horse

This week we’re having a guest post, and an auction for a needy horse named Gibbs! Natalie is a Good Samaritan and stepped in when she was needed. She’s a fiery, witty, driven and otherwise good human. Here’s the story! I’m Natalie. I’m a horse crazy kid. I’m 25. Much to my mother’s chagrin I […]

Red Wine Roast

Yesterday I posted “What’s for supper” at our house on my Facebook page, and managed to get everyone all excited, so I figured I’d share the recipe.
I cooked a Home-raised, Sirloin Roast in Red Wine. I should warn you- your house will smell amazing for hours and you will be good and […]