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Horses in Black and White

I hope everyone is gearing up to have an awesome weeken […]

Luke and Linda’s Epic Wedding

So I have these friends/relatives of the cowboy. They’re epic and awesome. And… wait… for… it… Legend…ary! They had a multicultural wedding of sorts, though they had a traditional Lakota Ceremony (and I was not able to photograph the ceremony) but I did get to do photos before they tied the knot. It was a […]

Goodbye, My Fridge

Well, I did something I thought I’d never do. I sold my handsome gray colt, DX Frigid Aire. Yes. He’s gone. When I rode at the Buck clinic in Rapid City, a friend of ours was there watching for three days. He kept telling me what a nice colt I had (other folks said he […]

This week in photos

Again, busy doesn’t really begin to describe my current situation. Tonight, if it dries up from the thunderstorm that rolled through here at 4am this morning, I have a family photo session. Tuesday I have a Wedding to photograph, Wednesday a barrel race- (speaking of there’s video from my first run in two years to […]

This week on the ranch

It’s finally stopped raining here! After an almost entirely wet month of June with no more than two days at a time sans rain, we’ve been without rain for most of this week. I don’t mind rain, but it does have to dry up so that we can get the hay cut, raked, baled and […]

This week via Instagram

In case no one has noticed, I’m super, super busy and have been severely lacking in sharing the goings on here. But I have been taking photos and thought I’d share a few of those! Happy trails!

Stuff you’ll find on my kitchen table

Ranch wives everywhere can relate: Happy trails!

This week in Instagram

There’s been so much that’s happened in this past week it will have to take an entire post (or two or three) to catch you all up. In the meantime here are some photos from stuff that’s occurred. Muddy Boots in the hallway: A Storm is a brewin’: Trot on Banjo: My pretty Cosmo: My […]