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Wordless Wednesday


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Tuesday’s Tales

I personally find ranch life fascinating. And it’s not something everyone will get to experience in their lives – though we do try to give folks the opportunity here at our ranch. I got thinking the other day, and decided the next best thing would certainly have to be stories from other ranch girls, right? […]

50-1 The Film

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE, a feel good movie. And that feel good movie has to certainly be better when it involves horses, good looking men AND a true story, right? And that’s just what you’ll get with the movie, 50-1, coming out this spring about Mine That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky […]


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Turn Around

Riding a turn around in black and white: What you should notice about the above photo is how the horse’s jaw is tucked up and under, and he’s slightly bent to the left. Pretty good form. His face could be tucked up and under a bit more. Which just means I have some work to […]

The Colt Cam Chronicles

This weekend the neighbors came over on Saturday to practice their heeling and ride their horses before they went roping Sunday. I was glad because I’d wanted the opportunity to chase the Hot Heels around on Fridge. I snagged a little video of Zach riding him before I went to chasing/roping it. Zach is handsome, […]

To a Fresh Pasture

Happy Trails!


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The Power of Positive Thinking

I bought this book a month ago. I am almost through it and I love it! The mind is a powerful thing. Prayer is a power thing. I truly believe that there’s so much negativity in the world, we’d be better off if we’d all embrace a positive outlook. I have been doing some serious […]

This week on the Ranch

We have a Tempurpedic mattress. When we first got it, I loved it. And I can still sleep exceptionally sound (save for my old, incontintent, little papillon dog, Higgins, waking me up 1 – 4 times each night needing out to go potty). Lately though, I’m waking up really stiff. Maybe I’m just not stretching […]


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The Colt Cam Chronicles

If there is some way of getting a person to think of the horse first, then he could figure out what the horse’s problem is and take it from there. So many times people think “This is what I want done,” and they dont’ give the horse a chance to figure out what is being […]

The Colt Cam Chronicles

Here’s another installment in our colt cam chronicles! I put ride #13 on Fridge yesterday. We basically just chased Avie around. I gain more confidence on my furry buddy with every ride, and he’s getting softer. I realized after watching the video back that I’m undoubtedly doing more than I need to in order to […]