Author: Young Farmers and Ranchers


By Katie Stockstill-Sawyer I don’t mean to brag, but my hubby is a pretty darn good farmer. He understands what makes for ideal planting conditions, he has a knack for applying fertilizer at just the right time and he’s usually right on target with harvest decisions. Timing is everything in farming and when conditions are […]

Whatever Floats Your Boat – #DitchTheRule

By Val Wagner “Navigable waters.” According to the internet, the accepted definition is: “deep and wide enough for boats and ships to travel on or through: capable of being navigated.” Apparently that’s true for everyone…but EPA. The new proposed ruling for the expanded Clean Water Act from the EPA would become the most far-reaching regulations […]

Time to Ditch the Water Rule

By Chris Chinn My husband, Kevin, and I farm in Northern Missouri with his parents and brother. We are the 5th generation of farmers in our family and we raise hogs, cattle, corn, soybeans and rye. We are also raising our children on our farm and clean water is important to us. Regardless of whether […]

Animal Rights Extremists Still Active

The animal rights movement often is nonsensical like when female activists disrobe in public to protest the wearing of animal fur, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals files a lawsuit against SeaWorld for enslaving whales. The SeaWorld lawsuit … Continue reading

Happy Christmas Month!

 The month of December – or what I like to call Christmas Month – has always been my favorite time of year. Christmas Month is a time that makes me slow down and appreciate things. While many folks complain about the time … Continue reading

It’s Time to Take a Stand for Our Future!

In July, I traveled to Washington, DC for legislative training by the American Farm Bureau Federation. My five days inside the Beltway were capped off by a visit to Capitol Hill to speak with some of West Virginia’s lawmakers. It … Continue reading

Bacon is Big

Bacon is undoubtedly America’s best-loved and most maligned meat product. It has been the subject of studies trying to link consumption of large amounts of processed meat with some cancers, and nutrition consultants often discourage clients from eating bacon because … Continue reading

Thinking About The Future

As I prepare for my week ahead…I think of all the things that need to be done around the farm. As always, fences need to be fixed, there is hay that needs to be cut and baled, and a list … Continue reading

Lunch is served.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news lately about the school lunch program. I think it’s very important for schools to provide well-balanced meals for students. Many children may not receive adequate nutrition other than at school, and … Continue reading

As a mom, I’m thankful for 4-H

I pledge my head to greater thinking… My heart to greater loyalty… My hands to larger service… My health to a better living…. I’ve said the 4-H pledge thousands of times as a youngster growing up, but somehow the words … Continue reading