Author: Emily Zweber

We have Moved

Thank you to everyone who moved their subscription over to the new site. Our new site holds our blog, recipes, farm information and meat ordering all in one place. It is Zweber Farms central. So head over there today … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday-Family Pasture Walk

Yesterday, we had our first 60 degree weather since last fall. Tim was itching to go check the culverts and see how the pastures were fairing. We took the hike as a family just before sunset. I wish I would … Continue reading

The Sound of Chickens-Monday Funnies!

The Prairie Home Companion does an annual joke show and they often feature this song about chickens. It makes me laugh so hard I cry. Continue reading

Now that is what I Call a Winter Storm on the Farm

Yesterday and last night we had a major winter storm. Continue reading

Organic. It’s Worth It-New Website

Need information on what the Organic label means? What to learn why did it is important to eat organic food? Need tips to make buying organic affordable? This website has it all: Organic. It’s Worth It. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Tim! & Homemade Brownie Recipe

Happy 29th Birthday Tim! Continue reading

Cajun Bone in Pork Chop Recipe: 30 minute meal!

They come out juicy and perfect in under 30 minutes! Continue reading

There is Hope for Tim’s Wedding Ring

Tim lost his first (and very expensive) wedding ring while working with calves. I am sure the ring is now in one of our fields waiting to be eaten by a cow. Continue reading

Peppercorn Tenderloins With Whipped Mustard Butter

This is a re-post from February 14, 2011. Goes to show good recipes never grow old. Tim and I will be making this for the kids tonight. We don’t sell tenderloins individually, so make sure to include them in your beef … Continue reading