Check The Ingredients of Your Calf Milk Replacer…NOW!

 I am fortunate to have a network of Ranch Wives that get together every day on Facebook to discuss just about everything under the sun about life on their ranches.  From husbands putting the truck into the ditch feeding cows for the umpteenth time, to best branding meal recipes, to cows calving, no topic is […]

Harvest Funders- Crowdfunding for Agriculture

Hi there! My name is Veronica. I write about my ranching adventures after moving from the city to a small town in SW Colorado over at City Life to Ranching Wife. My husband and I proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow ranching and farming families world-wide. After becoming part of the Agriculture industry in 2009, […]

Tuesday’s Tales – The Thumpin’

By: VeNecia DeCluette – Ve is one of my dear friends, and has been a big cheerleader for me for many years! I just love her. I’m hoping to convince her to write some more guest pieces for us in the future, because, well, she’s got a way with words!  This story was originally published […]