Everyday Learning Experiences

No matter where we are, or what we do, there are many points that we often don’t think of it being unusual. When shared with someone else, it can be an interesting point of view. Recently a friend of Connor’s stayed over, and the understanding was that things on “the list” had to get done. […]

Cold Weather Preparations

While it’s common in the south to deal with hot weather, winter cold brings challenges too.While it’s not unpleasant now, by Wednesday it will be very cold for the south – with single digits and near zero wind chill predicted. Many things in the south are not build like northern areas. Water pipes aren’t buried […]

Happy New Year 2015

I skipped the year end wrap up this time, as 2014 held some good times and some sad times. We lost Bess, Blue and Shadow. The home place was paid off, ‘the office’ arranged on contract and Belle joined us. Life shifted in many ways and as it’s mostly Connor and I now, it alters […]

Natural, Vegetarian and Other Chicken Labels

If you’ve browsed comment sections and other online forums you’ve probably seen claims for all natural chicken. Vegetarian chicken. Hormone free chicken. Usually it’s wrapped up in a description of cruelty free. Except natural, vegetarian and chicken is not cruelty free. It distorts the very being of the chicken. Demanding we let chickens be natural […]

Holy Hot Peppers – Sweet!

When most people go to the store they see, typically, a few types of peppers. Sweet peppers are the common “California wonder” bell pepper in green, red or yellow, and hot peppers are jalapenos. Sometimes banana peppers are available. The canned food section may have chilis, or dried chili or cayenne peppers. Most people aren’t […]

Why Should We Care About Food Security?

Have you ever felt like you’re living in a time warp? Food security is something most Americans have not had to concern themselves with. Indeed 15-20 years ago few even wanted to talk about food. Food and farming? Meh – boring. Go to the grocery store and be done with it. “But wait…did you know […]

What Do Farms Do in the Off Season?

This is a question that can get a different answer on every farm. While some take vacations, or spend time with family, others don’t really *have* an off season. Most dairy folks, for example, milk cattle year round. Here at SlowMoneyFarm our tasks may change, but there is no off season. Maybe some day! We’re […]

Convenient and Inconvenient Truth

Recently a dairy myth came up on an online forum along with the predictable cut and paste (and wrong) arguments of why Americans shouldn’t use dairy. You see, America is so unhealthy because we eat dairy products, and if we just do without dairy we’d be healthier. Go vegan. Go vegetarian. Go grass fed. Yes […]

Label EVERYTHING! Really?

Sometimes I read comment sections and wonder just how much people REALLY want, and if they realize what that takes. A great example came forth recently with a question asked on Eat Local Grown, a Facebook page. Regular readers already know how I feel about BS labels. And food choices. And transparency. So it was […]

Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Farm

I’m watching a much larger Dominique hen walk over for a drink. As she reaches for the water, one of the duckling youngsters reaches out and bops her right on top the comb. She stops, as if thinking whether to retaliate, and the duckling bops her on the head again. She was a giant next […]