We Are (Not) Monsanto!

Today there will be protests, marches and signs made to protest Monsanto. People will say they dominate farmers, they make farmers plant their seed and use their chemicals and that we simply have no choice. And they’re using farmers to project their views. Every person who chooses Monsanto seed CHOOSES it, deliberately, and signs the […]

10 Things That Don’t Make Sense

Sometimes the farm side of the world has a conflict with the non-farm side of the world. This can be minor things, but sometimes major things too. It comes up that many things don’t make sense, or are so far apart there’s no bridge to understanding, it seems. For example, although the list is long, […]

Agnerd Alert – Big Horsepower Marvels

If you grew up in central Illinois, know much about construction or mining or like heavy equipment then you know the name Caterpillar. If you like information about equipment and big horsepower, there’s a book out that you’ll want to check out. While Caterpillar is best known for earthmoving equipment, the amount of earth that […]

What Are You (Really) Buying? Food Fraud in America

It’s a competitive world in the marketplace. It’s not just what we do it’s what people think we do, and what they think of what we do. Sometimes there is a view of everyone’s trying to be what we are. Large corporations looking to find how to make engagement personal, transparent, honest, trustworthy. In short […]

A Sigh of Relief – Goslings Arrive!

Last year I tried to get some Saddleback Pomeranian goslings, but by the time I had the money to spare, alas, they were sold out for the year. When they began taking orders for this year, I was on the list interested and have been waiting since that notification in December. A delay happened in […]