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Growing Your Own Food

Sometimes I think Farmers get a bad rap and are accused of being against the whole locavore, grow your own food movement.  I personally do not think anything could be further from the truth.  Fact is that Farmers like to grow things.  I know, ironic isn’t it, a farmer likes to get down and plant things […]

Our Cows Diet – Part 2

Last week, my post focused on what our cows eat. This week I’ll provide more details about our cow’s diet because nutrition is such an important aspect of our animal’s well-being.Feed is “pushed up” to the cows several times each dayOur goal i…

Where Can Farmers meet Consumers Online?

One of the biggest questions I find (myself included) that ag producers using social media ask is how to connect with people outside of the industry.  They are the ones after all that we really want to have a conversation … Continue reading

Hatching Chicks

We’re beginning to hatch eggs in earnest as a means of expanding our flock. It’s easier and, if buying eggs, much cheaper to buy day old chicks. Postal issues, dropping, temperatures, Xrays etc can be an issue and at almost $20/dozen standard by the time shipping is included it gets expensive in a hurry! So […]

Official Testing

With the projects here at SlowMoneyFarm growing, it’s sometimes hard to keep ahead of everything! It’s been a busy weekend and early week! Saturday was filled with projects of the routine nature – weeding, watering, feeding, cleaning. Sunday was destined to be a busy day running to get feed and groceries then going to pick […]

Nashville In June – Or Not

Because most of my time is close to home when I do go out it’s *out*!  Entrust the care of the animals elsewhere and GO somewhere – a concert or, for the last several years, up to the Country Music Festival known as CMA Fest more commonly called fan fair. It’s a chance to catch […]

Our Farm in Pictures 6-3-2011

Here is a few photos showing the progress of our crops this week.  The one crop I did not include is the alfalfa which is ready for the first cutting to be put down. The last picture is of our electrical controls at our bin site that were blown down in the wind a few […]

This Time of Year.

Been a while since I actually wrote something, so I thought I would update everyone on what exactly we are doing now that our planting season is over.  This week we have been cleaning up the planting equipment and getting seed corn ready for returning.  This included breaking down the plastic boxes which carry our […]

But Your Cows Do Eat Grass!?

  In catching up with a good friend and neighbor over the weekend an interesting conversation arose about the American diet and how we as a country are overweight.  It was very interesting to hear what my neighbor had to … Continue reading

Farm Week In Pictures

This is a picture of some of our soybeans pushing thru the soil.  The power of the plant is amazing!!!