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How young should a "young" farmer be?

Towards the end of my tenure as Chairman of the AFBF’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee, a few people started talking to me about the possibility of raising the program’s age limit from 35 to 40 years old. And even though I’ve been off that commi…

Teaching About Dairy Farming-Wordless (kind of) Wednesday

This week has been full teaching others about dairy. Continue reading

Birds and Gardens

It’s been a busy few days…transplanted some pink tomato plants and promptly they went into wilted distress…trying to save those! Started  some eggs Monday – a remember-what-we-forgot experiment – and are ready for our chicks to arrive this week – Buckeyes and a few Australorps to add to the flock as well as a handful […]

Celebrating June “Dairy Month” in Our Community

In preparation to observe June “Dairy” month, Lynda, Director of Geauga County Tourism,  invited me to create a dairy display in their office window. National Dairy Month began in 1937 as a way to promote milk. It was originally created to s…

Planting At Night With GPS Technology

This is a video blog of planting one evening this year.  Excuse the shakiness of the camera as some fields are not the smoothest.

Division in Agriculture

Sometimes there are blog posts seen that just antagonize – and a recent post regarding alternative farms did just that. Because we do what we can with what we have, without bank debt, it means growing much more slowly than we’d like, but doing so without debt. We OWN our animals and equipment, free and […]

Hello Summer

Storms, unusual cold and now this week instant summer. Several 90 degree days predicted make it an adjustment for people and critters alike, but for sun loving tomatoes and peppers it’s a welcome relief!The injuries are healing – thankfully – and a long list of tasks lay ahead. Today the ‘boys’ – WD and Mark […]

What’s Wrong With Celebrity “Foodies”?

Accuracy! Sure they have an audience but ratings seem to take precedence over facts. Suzanne Somers has done well as a “fitness” investor and recently touched on something she clearly believes. Made famous by her role as “Chrissy” on “Three’s Company”, one wonders how much was acting when reading things like “The Problem With Corn […]

The Dangerous Side of Simplicity

There is a potentially dangerous thought developing among quite a few people. I see it posted more all the time but it’s broken down into an over-simplicity type statement. Invariably in different types/styles/sizes of agriculture there are comparisons made. One of these is that “everyone can grow food” – yes, they CAN. If they’re willing […]

A New Farmer Blog!

There is a new blog in town, and I am happy to be a contributor  alongside several other great farmer bloggers accross the country!  This blog was designed to bring together many of the great blogs various farmers have created … Continue reading