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What Do Farms Do in the Off Season?

This is a question that can get a different answer on every farm. While some take vacations, or spend time with family, others don’t really *have* an off season. Most dairy folks, for example, milk cattle year round. Here at SlowMoneyFarm our tasks may change, but there is no off season. Maybe some day! We’re […]

Convenient and Inconvenient Truth

Recently a dairy myth came up on an online forum along with the predictable cut and paste (and wrong) arguments of why Americans shouldn’t use dairy. You see, America is so unhealthy because we eat dairy products, and if we just do without dairy we’d be healthier. Go vegan. Go vegetarian. Go grass fed. Yes […]

Label EVERYTHING! Really?

Sometimes I read comment sections and wonder just how much people REALLY want, and if they realize what that takes. A great example came forth recently with a question asked on Eat Local Grown, a Facebook page. Regular readers already know how I feel about BS labels. And food choices. And transparency. So it was […]

Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Farm

I’m watching a much larger Dominique hen walk over for a drink. As she reaches for the water, one of the duckling youngsters reaches out and bops her right on top the comb. She stops, as if thinking whether to retaliate, and the duckling bops her on the head again. She was a giant next […]

Are You Looking for Alabama Food Choices?

Comment sections and social media outlets are full of those wanting food options. Many folks live in an apartment and don’t have room for gardens or raising it themselves. The outlay of equipment can get expensive as can the cost to get small amounts of something. Along with this, community is something that is important. […]

Conversations, Communication, Personal Attacks

Ever had someone attack you for reasons you don’t understand? Ever had someone misrepresent what you do? Ever try to correct it based on personal experience and get a patronizing “you just need educated” or “go back and learn”? Ever want to hurl insults, nasty names and full on defense on a personal attack? I […]

#Harvest14 Begins on Our Farm

#Harvest14 is off and going on our farm as of a couple days ago.   We look forward to a good harvest and hope everyone else has a bountiful one along with a safe one.   Her are a few photos as we got the first field of soybeans opened up and some ears from […]

Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked

Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked.

Transparency, Manipulation and Internet Games

If you’ve been anywhere around social media the last 5 years you’ve heard buzzwords like transparency. And it’s met with reasons companies can’t do that, why farmers should and platforms of various sizes that sometimes work and sometimes, like Luke Bryan, results in stepping off the edge of the stage. There has sprouted up a […]

Antibiotics Begone! Food Choices, Farm Choices

The modern way of asserting food choices is no longer, it seems, buying what you want that fits your preference and budget. It seems too often, generate a fear, suggest a solution (whether a good one or not) and get a mob of people to increase pressure until things change. “FoodBabe” does this quite successfully […]