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Conventional Agriculture Not So Conventional

I’m not a big fan of the term conventional agriculture.  As a farmer, I know what it means, and I know it references the way I farm.  My concern with the term is how it might be interpreted by those … Continue reading

Heritage poultry Weather the Storms

A short clip of some of our birds, safe in their pen after a devastating storm came through the south last week. Even more focused is a look at our Dominiques – our youngsters are growing and it won’t be long (months flying by!) before they’ll start laying. The spotted Muscovy duck has begun laying […]

Who Is Telling the Story of Agriculture?

Last week I spent some time in Washington, D.C. visiting with my elected officials on issues that will impact my family farm.  It was a good trip but I really missed being with my family and working on the farm. … Continue reading →

New Beginnings

Spring is always a time of re-newal and new beginnings on the farm as we plant crops and wait for them to grow and mature into harvest, but this year we have a new beginning in the addition of our third child. It has been quite a year for us.  New house before Christmas, finishing […]

Chicken Injuries

Recently we had a Cochin pullet somehow get injured. Although not serious in a life threatening kind of way, to speed healing and reduce infection we treated it. It made a topic for a short video that we’ll include in the blog today. This chick is in “Chick ICU” and healing up well. She’ll not […]

Are You A ‘Hick’ If You Wear Cowboy Boots?

Today started out with our normal routine…sort of. I spent my morning paying bills, taking kids to school, running feed ration reports for our hogs, and then packing a suitcase. By ten this morning I was on my way to … Continue reading →

No Mercy for Animal Abuse

I just watched a horrific video filmed by a vegan activist group about how one farm very clearly did not care for the welfare and health of the dairy calves.  I just want to say that I am outraged; nobody … Continue reading

Farm Week in Pictures

Still no planting this week Still getting equipment ready, delivering hay and straw as well as the everyday chores of feeding the cattle.  Just a few pictures I snapped around the farm this week, enjoy! View from the skid loader … Continue reading

Planting Season 2011

The planter is loaded and ready to go out the door for the 2011 planting season.  This will be the 124th season since our family homesteaded in 1888 here in Nebraska.  Happy planting 2011 to everyone this year and be safe!

Give Me Your Lunch Money!

  There has been a battle brewing in Ohio for the past two years.  That battle has been between farmers that have relied of facts and science to ensure that their livestock is well cared for and animal rights groups … Continue reading