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5 Gifts Every Parent Should Give Their Child

When I embarked on writing 150 Things Everyone Should Do Before Graduation I thought of the biggest gifts I’ve gotten and those I try to pass along. There are many people who provide their children a nice home, food and “things.” The latest tech gadget? They have it. Video games or new music? They have […]

What’s Really Important?

We have started the hay season and time is limited for posting to my blog. However, an experience with my son last week meant the world to me and while sitting on a plane to Washington DC today, I took the time to share it. Yes, it is lengthy, but perhaps you too will find […]

The First Serious Conversation

I picked up my son today from my mom and dad’s. We buckled up, I started the truck, backed up, turned around and pulled on to the road. There was a bit of conversation about his hike on the hill with grandma, their new puppy and a request to stop by the pond to see […]

Last Child On The Farm (Guest Post)

Whenever I pass a freshly plowed field it gives me the same thrill as an unopened book–full of potential, surprise, and pleasure. And just like that book beckons me to peek beneath its cover, the sight of that rich, dark earth ready for planting …

Life, Snow and Painting

Sunday morning started like many mornings…I went to kitchen, started my coffee and sat down at the computer to catch up on Twitter and Facebook, while waiting for the first pot brew. It was still dark outside, but I could tell we had received some sn…

“Bummer” Lambs….What’s That?

Over the weekend we had our family birthday supper for our February birthdays. At the conclusion, I began to feed the four bummer lambs. Somehow a picture was taken and I had to post it. A number of people asked, “What is a ‘bummer’?” A bummer …

A Kid’s Perspective of Farm Work

I had a comment on one of my blog posts  about youth working on the farm from a person who thought farmers were forcing their kids to work on the farm.  They indicated we were wrong to do this and … Continue reading