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Hay Day

What happens when you mow down all of your hay with the hopes of baling it over two days? It either rains or you have equipment problems. Or both.hay tedderWhen we ended the day on Tuesday, we expected to start baling as soon as the dew was off mid-mor…

Summer Scenes

Some scenes from our farm this summer.Coming up the driveway…. The Parlor building which houses our event room and where the cows are milked….The balcony off the Parlor….My view from the balcony….Cows walking out of the milking parlor back to t…

Crops are growing and cows are calving

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks on the farm, both in the fields and in the maternity pasture.rain falling on a field of forage sorghumPlentiful rainfall has all the crops colored a nice, healthy shade of green. Our silage corn is right on track t…

Low on milk, but hopefully high on forage

As summer creeps along and we try to prepare ourselves for the impending “dog days” of August, we’re still drying off more cows than we’re freshening. For those of you unfamiliar with dairy lingo, that means more cows are leaving the milking herd for “…

An update on our cows & crops

Here’s a quick farm update for you to enjoy on this 4th of July Weekend.Cows: A few dry cows are finally starting to calve, but we have still been drying off milking cows at a faster rate.  We currently have 163 cows in the milking herd, the …

Weedy Wednesday

This is what happens to soybeans when it rains frequently, and it’s too wet for sprayers to get into fields.  Hope we dry out soon.
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Where Does My Harvest Go?

On our farm we grow corn, soybeans, popcorn, and wheat.  More specifically #2 yellow dent corn, waxy corn, commercial soybeans, soybeans for seed (for two different seed companies), popcorn, and wheat.  Let’s start with the regular dent corn.  You’ll notice … Continue reading

How Does Grain get from Bins Into Trucks?

I shot a quick video today while I was loading corn to deliver to the ethanol plant.  Nothing fancy, but you can see the auger inside the bin dumping corn into the bottom of the leg.  The leg has a … Continue reading

It is a MIRACLE! The Corn Is Up-Wordless Wednesday

I wasn’t planning on posting a post today, but look what I saw when I drove into the farm to drive some hay wagons over to Tim. A true miracle!! Don’t forget to vote for our Stonyfield Creme Caramel in … Continue reading

Friday farm tidbits

Happy Friday and happy June Dairy Month everyone!  Here are a few tidbits about what’s been happening on and around Gilmer Dairy Farm:It’s HOT, Man! – The weather around here has been brutal this week as we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures pus…