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My First Farmer’s Market Trip of the Year (… and a soapbox rant)

**Let me go ahead and give full disclosure here. I am a former college intern of Monsanto. I am no longer employed by Monsanto. I am the wife of a farmer who uses biotechnology on the farm. I am an agriculture teacher who talks about the science of biotechnology every year at school. I have […]

Walking by Faith: Changes, Changes, Changes

Hello long lost readers! It’s been awhile! I apologize for the blog silence over the past few months but we’ve had quite a few changes around here! I guess you could say Jared and I have been going through an adjustment period. Here’s the latest:   The (Produce) Farm: What’s New: Produce… lots and lots […]

How Do I Find Natural Food?

What is “natural” to you? If you ask ten of your friends what is natural, would all have the same perspective and answers? “Natural” is represented to be unspoiled, unconfined, unaltered,and yet that may or may not be the entire truth. For example, our chickens eat just layer pellets and occasional scraps, sometimes some grain […]

No Bugs for Dinner Please!

Today, I read an AWESOME article by Holly Spangler over at Prairie Farmer. It had several anecdotal stories about the disconnect between HOW our food is produced and HOW we expect it to look and taste. After reading it I though about … Continue reading

Illegal Immigration in Alabama: Unintended Consequences?

What is something that touches every part of agriculture in the U.S.?  It is involved with the production and care of livestock and poultry. It is aids in the preparation, planting, care and harvest of fresh produce. It helps refine textile … Continue reading