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To The Cowards Behind Farm Attacks

Sometimes agriculture, on any level, is hard. It’s unpleasant, it’s discouraging, it’s enough to make adults shed tears when animals are lost. Even “just livestock” – be it meat rabbits, chicks, calves, steers…we all have stories. When the heat goes out on a batch of chicks and some die it leaves a hole in the […]

Did You Know – National CSA Day and More

It’s been a busy day here with warmer weather following the cold we’ve been having. Today was designated national CSA day – supporting those who, like us, have offerings for Community Supported Agriculture. For the weekend, we’re offering a special FREE book to help folks make the most of their CSA share and beyond the […]

Ten Million Dollars, Small Farms, Food Choices

One of the incredible things about agriculture is the vast array possible. From urban gardens to organic to thousands of acres being tended by families, agriculture provides great abundance. It provides ingredients for family meals as well as toothpaste, bullets and guitar strings. It also, sometimes, provides for interesting conversations. On the sustainable front we […]

Diversify Your Investments

Sometimes folks look at what we do and it may appear a giant conglomerate. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key is like any business person, diversification of investments. The investment here is in options of things to sell, which we hope creates a profit to live on and do it all again […]

Everyday Learning Experiences

No matter where we are, or what we do, there are many points that we often don’t think of it being unusual. When shared with someone else, it can be an interesting point of view. Recently a friend of Connor’s stayed over, and the understanding was that things on “the list” had to get done. […]

Keeping the Faith

Every person reading this, every person out there, has times it’s easy to doubt. It’s easy to say “keep the faith”. Keep trying. Tomorrow’s another day. This too shall pass. It’s harder to focus It’s easy to say ask for help when needed. It’s easy to say everyone has down times. All of those things […]

Cold Weather Preparations

While it’s common in the south to deal with hot weather, winter cold brings challenges too.While it’s not unpleasant now, by Wednesday it will be very cold for the south – with single digits and near zero wind chill predicted. Many things in the south are not build like northern areas. Water pipes aren’t buried […]

Changes Don’t Wait for the New Year

In farms, in life sometimes personal and professional life intertwines. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so good. Sometimes it just is and takes re-adjustment. From the beginning bit by bit SlowMoneyFarm has grown – still very small but grown from an idea. We get used to speedbumps. Then comes a pothole. Sink hole. Going forward […]

What if Your Town is the Next Ground Zero?

I often have posts about community, home and ‘issues’ that aren’t strictly food or farm, but are an influence for many of us. We all see the major headlines, and we’re all just a few actions away from being the next one. Yesterday a young lady, who I will not name here for reasons of […]

Small Farms, Big Ag, Food Choices

This is a recurring theme in the blog, but there is always new information, new perspectives, new sparks of conversations. Sometimes it’s things that are there that we never saw before. For example, big ag in the Bible. Food choices today. Small farms trying to…oh wait many still don’t see that! Wait – back up, […]