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Life After Toxic People

It seems today’s world is surrounded with drama, and if it’s not there’s someone wanting to add some. Recently I posted about the serious issue of domestic violence, and the month is declared Domestic Violence month to bring awareness to the issue. Is it by accident that it’s also Family Health month and Mental Illness […]

When a Home Isn’t Safe

It’s a disease of hate that comes wrapped in an appearance of love. It’s around us, it infects our communities, it damages those who often have no history of discord. It’s a horrid nightmare when you’re in it, it’s a hopeless feeling to see someone in it and not be able to help.  Domestic violence […]

Financial Priorities: You Paid How Much?

No matter what we do there will be someone we pass that doesn’t get our level of passion about some things. For some folks, what they spend their money on is ok but someone else spends money on their choices it’s not. A light hearted look today at differences as we struggle to get projects […]

If It Sounds Good Is It Good?

Imagine a sweet, non fat additive that not only do people like but want more of. Non fat means you can add it to everything, right? So it is – it’s added in places that people wouldn’t think to look for it, but adds a sweetness, or masks the bitterness of other ingredients. And it’s […]

What Is Your Food Worth?

So I’ve asked questions, listened to conversations near and far, looked on food pages particularly comment sections. I hear people want more control over their food. I hear they want to know it’s organic, that there’s not secretly pesticides or herbicides sprayed on it. I hear costs are a factor. I hear organic is just […]

Musician Chat: Ryan “Smitty” Byrne

It’s Country Music month. Regular readers know I love country music, and when Yahoo closed the news pages earlier this year, it left some content that didn’t strictly fit into food, farm, homesteading or writing. Except this blog isn’t JUST about farm or food but life as well and country music is life! And country […]

Conversations, Communication, Personal Attacks

Ever had someone attack you for reasons you don’t understand? Ever had someone misrepresent what you do? Ever try to correct it based on personal experience and get a patronizing “you just need educated” or “go back and learn”? Ever want to hurl insults, nasty names and full on defense on a personal attack? I […]

Desperate Measures in GMO Info Wars

Someone said once the truth will set you free. It might, or it might condemn you. Increasingly, twisted truth shows how much people don’t know and how anything for the cause fear factor issues are not truth. Fear factor causes unnecessary stress for consumers who then fear what’s in their food. If the truth was […]

When the Truth Isn’t Enough…Lie

Admit it you’ve seen it – GMOs are evil. It’s affecting fertility of us and our livestock. It’s making young girls mature faster but in three generations we’ll be sterile. No GMO! March Against Monsanto. The world’s going to end tomorrow! The world probably will end soon, from a Biblical perspective, but that’s not the […]