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Food, Genes and Culture

If we take any 100 readers of this blog and put them in a room, chances are we’ll find similarities and differences. Chances are there are foods we like, and don’t like, in common. Chances are there is a certain percentage of us that have health issues, some that can be altered by diet. Every […]

Success, Failure & Learning Experiences

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that has said “I got into farming to make money”. The reasons are many but money, holidays off and expensive bonus plans aren’t among them! On a too-frequent basis I get phone calls from financing folks wanting to finance us. I’ve stopped wasting my time with the hope of […]

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Farm Shares

I’ve talked about community supported agriculture and farm shares with a wide range of people. I occasionally hear some variation of “but you’re selling something – you’re biased.” It’s true we’re crowdsourcing and selling our regular farm shares. I suppose for much marketing that is true. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t make it […]

9 Days & Counting

It seems impossible. We started our crowdsourcing project and although it’s broken out of the gate we checked, steadied and have a lot of ground to make up! It’s with good reason. We don’t just talk community. Life has a way of putting good things that still temporarily sidetrack us. So when a friend needed […]

Crowdsourcing SlowMoneyFarm

Yesterday I tinkered with some ideas and – yes – we’re starting a crowdsourcing project. Of course a crowd, social media is a big part of this, so I’m going to outright ask for help spreading the word. If you know someone interested in slow food, please pass it along. If you know someone interested […]

Join the SlowMoneyFarm Crowd!

There are times it seems like things move very slowly, then there’s times like the last few days it’s at warp speed! Connor and I attended an ag day hosted by the Tennessee Valley Women in Agriculture. I was encouraged and revived by others who “get” what we’re doing. If you’re joining us in the […]

Pre-Show Preparations

We’re planning an appearance at a fleece/farm/small livestock day Saturday, and often it’s easy to think just show up and talk to people. If only! Today Connor and I worked to get ready – putting together a backdrop for the booth, insuring the banners fit as they’re “supposed” to. Connor bagged up some compost while […]

National Ag Day 2014

Most people out there don’t know who Norman Borlaug was. Born 100 years ago, he’s touched lives of people he never met, and who don’t know his name. Dr. Borlaug saved lives around the world focusing on what many take for granted – food. He started the green revolution. These new wheat varieties and improved […]