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Catching Up With SlowMoneyFarm

Apologies to regular readers for the slack time in posting. There are only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately sometimes blog posts don’t make it into the day. I’m trying to remedy this with some warm weather porch blogging – the middle of the day when it gets warm and slower tasks take […]

Misunderstandings, Apologies, Forgiveness

It was an interesting morning here – working on routine chores and doing Connor’s chores as well as mine…and finding again the incredible asset of a good dog. Even when I mess up. They day started routine enough – filling water containers, checking animals, feeding animals. Then I lost my keys. Searching for them, I […]

It’s Only the Wind

It’s been a busy couple weeks! Today Connor went to help a friend for a couple days. While he’s gone his friend came over to help me water and collect eggs. The eggs were given to a family through the Hand Up program we do. This is community. It might be imperfect, but it’s community. […]

Quiet Evenings

Four years ago tonight it was dark. Scary dark. Quiet. Four years ago today ordinary people became ordinary heroes, and not so ordinary heroes. Four years ago today a barrage of tornadoes hit Alabama that changed the very landscape. I grew up in the country – so dark isn’t new. Dark where you step off […]

Sustainable Agriculture – Earth Day 2015

Sustainable agriculture has become a buzz word, a fashionable thing to be. Sustainable is not just water, waste, environmental, but also financial and part of a community ecosystem. Each state, each type of farming or ranching, each management style all has a community ecosystem. There’s one for the outdoor hog people, one for confinement hog […]

OKC 4-19-95 – In Memory

It seems another lifetime ago, and in some ways it was. Sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, horses filled days. There was a different struggle and sometimes we don’t get second chances. On April 19, 1995, 20 years ago this morning, many never got that second chance. I don’t have to pull up the images to see […]

10 Things That Don’t Make Sense

Sometimes the farm side of the world has a conflict with the non-farm side of the world. This can be minor things, but sometimes major things too. It comes up that many things don’t make sense, or are so far apart there’s no bridge to understanding, it seems. For example, although the list is long, […]