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Celebrities, Fans & Social Media – From the Archives

Have you ever really thought about celebrities? We talk about them all the time. Their names sell merchandise and tickets and air time. The perceptions on a narrow part of the entertainment world – country music – over the last five or so years have brought some interesting observations. Several times I’ve thought of writing […]

Feeding America Past and Present

So often we hear how farmers should go to the way it used to be. I wonder how many remember what that was? It’s an ideal, and not far from what we are, but it’s far from what people want to buy. So we work harder.   Do people remember the truth or the picture? […]

The Mobile Mindshift – in Small Scale Agriculture

When I say we combine technology with tradition, many question. Many don’t think we use *enough* technology! Having dipped barely a toe into the mobile world, I picked up the book The Mobile Mindshift off of NetGalley and have been both puzzled and challenged. How can we use this technology? Many think agriculture is old […]

When Community Fails

Most communities are a mix of good folks trying to help others and bitter folks finding fault. It seems scams abound, and are believed, and when someone tries to help in a public way there are those who don’t want it to happen. The economy brings out those who claim to have cancer and don’t, […]

Sometimes Progress is Slow…But Still Progress

We’ve tried many avenues to get progress. Some have been detours. Others dead ends. I’ve not hidden much on here – and no it’s not all cheery and good. Sometimes life sucks. And sometimes it means taking an opportunity. I’ve still been focused on moving to Kentucky, but no winning lotto ticket in sight. Not […]

Puzzle Pieces & Unpleasant Choices

So it’s been a rough week. A couple youngsters lost, Connor’s Silver Fox doe broke her back for reasons unknown – and unfortunately it’s usually a fatal injury for rabbits. Rabbits can kick and stomp hard enough to cause injury – if something upsets them, harasses them or scares them. She’s always been a spirited […]

Respect, Honor, Loyalty

Three words that represent values everyone says they want, but too few model. As everyone, hopefully, stops today to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day think about the words. They’re just words. But are they? Words lead to action. And actions are declining, leading to reactions. Many lament “what is wrong with the […]

The Perfect Farm

The perfect farm will need millions of descriptions. It varies with each farmer and is different today than it was yesterday, or a year ago. With so much routine it seems, sometimes, nothing happens. Then one day we realize this rabbit is 3 years old, and has it really been two years since the Delawares […]

If Food Waste Is Decreased Is It a Bad Thing?

I often see criticism of agriculture in that the amount of food that goes to feed livestock could feed people. I see criticism for using food waste to feed livestock. And if it’s “wrong” I wonder what the solution is? Most of the feed we use for livestock is something humans can’t eat. Forages, for […]