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Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a year of blessings as well as trials. Although there are many who will be out shopping on Black Friday,  we will not be.  We have had much to be thankful for including tree removal, firewood, roof repair,  power and so many small things that most overlook. We had a stove to […]

When The Wind Damages

Many have noticed the sudden disappearance of posts on social media and, due to access, this blog. On June 8, a sudden but brief storm rearranged SlowMoneyFarm. We had to immediately get past shock to survival. Rebuilding has begun but it will be a long, long time coming. Trees were down, and crushed the mobile […]

Duggars, Jenners, Hoadleys – Does It Really Matter?

I’ve been busy offline for a bit, so haven’t seen the deluge of information on the scandals, apparently, involving the Duggar family (shall I admit also that I’ve never watched the show?) or Jenner’s personal decision(s). Headlines that draw attention. What does their choices and actions matter, in real life, to affect your life? If […]

Cornerstones, Or It Takes a Village

It’s been a long night of memories. Last night my dad called with word of two losses to our community. Neighbors – second family, inspiration – all of those fit. Parenting wisdom of it takes a village isn’t new…the difference is the village. In rural areas neighbors may be a half mile, or a mile […]

Memorial Day Is Not Happy

Many holidays are happy ones. Merry Christmas. Happy Mother’s Day. Memorial Day is a somber reminder of those who paid the request for service with their lives. When LCpl Troy Nealey went to serve, he knew the risk. That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with never hearing from him again, and saying that […]

We Are (Not) Monsanto!

Today there will be protests, marches and signs made to protest Monsanto. People will say they dominate farmers, they make farmers plant their seed and use their chemicals and that we simply have no choice. And they’re using farmers to project their views. Every person who chooses Monsanto seed CHOOSES it, deliberately, and signs the […]

Graduation 2015

It’s graduation night in Carbon Hill tonight, and like many others across the nation, neighbors step from high school students to graduates. Many will look at their peers and remark it’s the last time…or everything will change. So for Anslee, Ashlee and the many other new graduates, you’re right. Some thoughts as I pondered graduation […]

Catching Up With SlowMoneyFarm

Apologies to regular readers for the slack time in posting. There are only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately sometimes blog posts don’t make it into the day. I’m trying to remedy this with some warm weather porch blogging – the middle of the day when it gets warm and slower tasks take […]

Misunderstandings, Apologies, Forgiveness

It was an interesting morning here – working on routine chores and doing Connor’s chores as well as mine…and finding again the incredible asset of a good dog. Even when I mess up. They day started routine enough – filling water containers, checking animals, feeding animals. Then I lost my keys. Searching for them, I […]

It’s Only the Wind

It’s been a busy couple weeks! Today Connor went to help a friend for a couple days. While he’s gone his friend came over to help me water and collect eggs. The eggs were given to a family through the Hand Up program we do. This is community. It might be imperfect, but it’s community. […]