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New MacDonald, Organic or Not

Agriculture is changing. It always has, while rooted in tradition, looking at doing things better. Cheaper. This is often seen as a bad thing, and taken to extremes. It’s said organic doesn’t do that…but any farm, including organic, needs to make the maximum use of their space. It doesn’t matter if it’s 300 acres or […]

Combine Tradition and Technology

What was one of the first green jobs? Anyone? It’s a combination of recycling and sustainability, with a touch of renewable energy and community service through in. It’s something I’ve been around all of my life. It’s changed, adapted, grown and shrank as changeable as the tide and yet in many ways the same. It’s […]

Ag Day, USA Ag History

As National Ag day draws to a close, it’s easy to think right now is all there is. A friend on Facebook posted a link with a photo, and in following that I found air photos from 1937 to 1947 time frame of the area I grew up. Before the farm with other farms in […]

Unclaimed Reward Scams & St Patrick Rabbits

While much of what we do is agriculture related, some is just life. This post encompasses one of those. A card came in the mail today notifying me that I had an unclaimed reward of $100 and call a number to verify. Cheap entertainment – I called. Figuring it’s a scam, I wait to verify […]

Goodbye to a Giant Chinchilla Giant

There comes a time when, like in the movie “Meet Joe Black” it’s easy to look back and wonder if we made a difference. Recently a very active member of the Giant Chinchilla community passed away. The information from the Giant Chinchilla page: Carl W. Filliater, 78, a retired Fremont Police Officer, passed away on […]

Behind the Meme – Easter Bunnies

As Easter approaches the interest in Easter bunnies and chicks and ducklings grows. We don’t sell “Easter bunnies” because, too often, an impulse doesn’t research proper care of them. Some years ago, I was working with Connor’s mom when a co-worker brought in some baby birds. He wasn’t sure what they were but they were […]

Single in Agland

Without television it’s not possible to watch regularly “The Bachelor” but it’s hard to escape the buzz about it this season. Perhaps for the first time many realized there were – shock! – single people in rural areas. Perhaps they’re curious, in a zoo kind of way – about those who are single in flyover […]

To The Cowards Behind Farm Attacks

Sometimes agriculture, on any level, is hard. It’s unpleasant, it’s discouraging, it’s enough to make adults shed tears when animals are lost. Even “just livestock” – be it meat rabbits, chicks, calves, steers…we all have stories. When the heat goes out on a batch of chicks and some die it leaves a hole in the […]

Did You Know – National CSA Day and More

It’s been a busy day here with warmer weather following the cold we’ve been having. Today was designated national CSA day – supporting those who, like us, have offerings for Community Supported Agriculture. For the weekend, we’re offering a special FREE book to help folks make the most of their CSA share and beyond the […]

Ten Million Dollars, Small Farms, Food Choices

One of the incredible things about agriculture is the vast array possible. From urban gardens to organic to thousands of acres being tended by families, agriculture provides great abundance. It provides ingredients for family meals as well as toothpaste, bullets and guitar strings. It also, sometimes, provides for interesting conversations. On the sustainable front we […]