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Helping Storm Survivors

I don’t want to use the word victim – survivor is more empowering. The storms late last week hit a wide range. As I mentioned in my book “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past” our communities may vary. It may be neighbors. It may be an online community or those we know on social […]

Agriculture Is Useless?

More than any time in history people want their food ‘clean.’ They want tests – soil tests, food tests, seed tests, many tests on animals. Technology means more than ever one needs a good education. So it’s with some amazement I read Terence Loose’s “Most Useless Degrees” article which included not just one but three […]

Warning! Your Food Can Kill You

A friend’s blog has brought up a vent session – or rather comments made online in response to it has! It seems a “Biggest Loser” celebrity trainer has come out in support of the labels for chemicals in food. “Warning: Chemicals known to cause cancer or  birth defects or other reproductive harm may be present […]

GMO Labels, Food Choices and What’s On Your Table?

The topic brings up more yapping than a room full of chihuahuas. GMO labels – should food be labeled or not? California says it should be required. Some say organic has no GMO so therefore if it’s organic that’s how to avoid GMO. Others say if it isn’t labeled it is GMO. There are panic […]

How Can SlowMoneyFarm Save You Money?

It’s the beginning of the year and just like every year many have resolved to lose weight, get healthy, eat better, get control of finances and live better. There are many things in motion that most consumers aren’t aware of – and it can affect them. Wise people know to check the weather before going […]

Thanksgiving Day Thankfulness

I have many, many things to be thankful for and know I have been blessed beyond measure. I have a great family, make a comfortable living doing what I love, and have a strong faith in God. I don’t know if there are enough hours in the day for me to ful…

Sparboe Farms Undercover Video

Yet another in a list of undercover videos has surfaced showing workers mistreating birds. It’s drawn criticism, accusations that we support such actions and further mistrust of agriculture. As we prepare to step up to a higher level of production, it angers me beyond belief to see these things. I’m angry at the company for […]

On The Road Again

As we head north today with rabbits for the national convention show, we’ll see a variety of terrain. We’ll look forward to seeing friends and making new ones. Connor will be seeing his first convention and, enterprising as he is, will be working to clean pens and feed/water for others for extra money to spend […]

Preparation & Big Events

  Today we’re preparing for departure to Indianapolis, Indiana for the American Rabbit Breeders Association national show and convention. Although we’ve been doing laundry, cleaning carriers, getting ready to go with small advance tasks all week there is always a rush and today is rush day. This week has also brought the lows sometimes associated […]

Wall Street or Main Street – or County Roads!

As the OccupyWallStreet enters a month it is something we’ve not commented on directly. Much like food choices we all have choices when we spend our money. When we give up our right to choose then we have reduced choices as competition goes out of business. So people are protesting the big bad corporations having […]