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What Kind of World

As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s natural to think of those things, situations and people we’re thankful for. I recently read “It’s a God Thing” and the incredible stories are inspiring. When there’s good things it’s easy to be hopeful – when it’s bad things, faith is needed. Today embraces a beginning and an aftermath. The […]

Sometimes The Answer is No – Ag in the Bible

Sometimes it’s easy to pray for something and it’s answered, and sometimes the answer is no. Or not yet. Sometimes those things don’t make sense. Sometimes it’s a reality check. If it wasn’t then it’d be a business transaction. Like a vending machine, put prayer in and pull out granted wish below. It wouldn’t rely […]

15 Gifts From and For SlowMoneyFarm

How can buying gifts also give gifts? I’m glad you asked! Gift certificates are popular to give, and we have gift certificates as well. If people don’t buy what we produce then it doesn’t do any good to produce it. This is an easy idea for #BlackFriday or any of the other shopping days and […]

Label EVERYTHING! Really?

Sometimes I read comment sections and wonder just how much people REALLY want, and if they realize what that takes. A great example came forth recently with a question asked on Eat Local Grown, a Facebook page. Regular readers already know how I feel about BS labels. And food choices. And transparency. So it was […]

Slow Money and Slow Growing

For the last couple days I’ve been listening to the live stream from #SlowMoney14 and incredible farms and people doing awesome things for their community food supplies. I hear a few things I don’t agree with, a few things that seem preaching to the choir and inspiration of those who face similar obstacles and are […]

Supporting Agriculture, Veterans, Slow Money

As I look at 53 years in life, in the US and in agriculture I’m listening to the Slow Money live stream. Here at SlowMoneyFarm we do things different in many ways. Many don’t like it. This morning I was told directly someone wanted us to cease to exist because of the slavery of animals. […]

What If You Had No Home?

A Twitter conversation recently resulted in someone saying they’d do without a home so they could afford their preferred food. Most who say such things have never been homeless. Homeless is not an adventure. It can be a struggle for things most take for granted. Even with a vehicle to sleep in, it’s often not […]

Choices in the Wake of Oregon Voting

Oregon had a voting contest that was hotter than the governor race Tuesday. With nearly 70% of voters turning out (awesome turn out – kudos Oregon!) to vote, the GMO labeling initiative was white hot. And defeated. Critics bemoan the use of ‘big ag’ and millions of dollars that made people vote differently. Some blame […]

25 Gifts That Benefit Farms, Budget

It’s the time of year when people start the impossible task – finding a unique, useful gift for those on your list and maintaining your budget and having enough to help those in need and…ack! It doesn’t stretch! What if it did? What if you could get a cool gift AND benefit others? Buying direct […]

Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Farm

I’m watching a much larger Dominique hen walk over for a drink. As she reaches for the water, one of the duckling youngsters reaches out and bops her right on top the comb. She stops, as if thinking whether to retaliate, and the duckling bops her on the head again. She was a giant next […]