Why Heritage/Heirloom?

It’s not an unusual question when talking to fellow ag folks. It’s something often misunderstood by potential customers. It’s not even in the knowledge of those railing against “factory farms” and condemning all production. Why heritage breeds? The modern large white breasted turkey can produce meat much more efficiently, more consistently, than a Bourbon Red […]

Would You Pay For Someone Else’s Litter?

Most of us don’t mind paying our bills and obligations. But what if you’re called to pay for someone else’s? Indeed, what if it’s taxed to insure it’s paid? I recently saw an article about Maryland considering a fee on poultry to pay for environmental damage. I followed the lawsuit – in my opinion harassment […]

Why Windbreaks?

Some think bushes and trees are “unsightly.” “Fire hazard.” “Trashy.” In a time of green energy, green living and sustainable focus, this seems a double edged sword. Of course they CAN be a fire hazard if not maintained and in a drought area. They CAN also save money on heating and provide shelter for wildlife. […]

Wrestling With Sustainability

Recently McDonalds made a statement that they would increase sourcing beef from farms that were sustainable. We’ve grappled with terms, BS labels and beyond here before. In forums most say we’re sustainable. After all we use minimal chemicals, care for our animals, birds have access to outside, all the “right things”. Only by many counts, […]

Natural Cruelty

So often we in agriculture hear how a practice we do isn’t “natural.” I was reading recently a book “Gardening for the Birds” which stressed the natural landscape for birds – flowers, trees and in some areas cactus that provide the birds food and shelter. The book was well done in photographs and descriptions about […]

Why Be Normal?

Be creative in solutions! Here’s some ideas. Off beat – yes they are. They also kept one appliance out of the landfill, and provided decoration and function! We needed a quick way to keep some wood covered, and a small teepee did it while also using “scrap” items – plastic and a few long pieces […]

Do Not Wait For Disaster Planning

We tend to think we know how we’ll respond in an emergency. Several communities in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and into Pennsylvania were affected by a force of nature that is unapologetic, ruthless and random yesterday. One of the hardest hit – Washington Illinois. My dad worked in Washington for years, and I […]

Scarecrows, Scare Tactics, Scary Food

Traditionally scarecrows were put in gardens to keep birds from eating the seeds and damaging the garden before it, literally, took root. The family’s food supply could depend on the timing, and protecting the crop from pests including birds. That hasn’t changed today. Many years ago John Cougar Mellencamp sang about a scarecrow – a […]

Farmers and Ranchers Save Salmon

The snow pack in the mountains has long since melted. Tributaries to the Scott River and the river itself are quickly drying up, if not already. Contrary to what environmental activist groups, such as the Klamath River Keepers, Klamath Forest Alliance and the Environmental Protection Information Center, are saying, the drop in surface flows in […]