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Weed Zappin’

If this hot, dry weather has been good for anything, it’s at least given me an opportunity to kill some weeds this week. This sounds easy enough, but it’s not as simple as dumping some chemicals into a tank and taking off across a field. Each herbici…

What do you do with all that cow poop?

Many times we get asked the question “What do you do with all the poop from the cows?”. The pictures below are a visual of how we turn what many think of as waste into a nutrient for our crops in our quest to be a sustainable and friendly to the environment dairy farm. Just as … Continue reading »

What’s Wrong With the EPA…

A lively #agchat discussion on the EPA last night prompted some further discussion on twitter during the after party. 140 characters was just not enough so I have thrown together some further thoughts here. First, I have no doubt that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), CEPA (California Environmental Protection Agency), CAQCB (California Air Quality Control […]

Greed is Green

Mike Rowe, host of the popular show Dirty Jobs once said,  “Green maybe wasn’t the best color. Seems to me that brown would be better suited. Think about it, everything that’s green starts with something that’s brown, usually dirt. And … Continue reading

But Your Cows Do Eat Grass!?

  In catching up with a good friend and neighbor over the weekend an interesting conversation arose about the American diet and how we as a country are overweight.  It was very interesting to hear what my neighbor had to … Continue reading

Planting At Night With GPS Technology

This is a video blog of planting one evening this year.  Excuse the shakiness of the camera as some fields are not the smoothest.

Making the Cow Beds

Here is a look into what goes into providing the cows on our farm clean soft comfortable beds to lie in. The pictures are from start to finish and show how we take solid manure sterilize and dry it, with a process similar to composting, the finished product is essentially soil we then use for bedding. … Continue reading »

California Dairy Farmers Care About the Environment Every Day

As a California dairy farmer, the land, air and water are part of my livelihood and caring for them is a priority every day of the year. My family has…

Wood, the Ultimate Green Building Choice

Wood is among the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly of all building materials. Among other positive environmental characteristics, wood stores vast amounts of carbon. Wood products are a vital component of sound architectural design and facilitate ease of design and construction, while providing inherent energy-saving performance. Wood buildings are readily adapted to reuse or can…

Putting the “culture” in Agriculture

I just started reading the recently released book “The Now Revolution” by Jay Baer and Amber Naslund. One of the biggest things to hit me so far is the focus on how customers can use social interactions to get the sense of the “culture” of a business and gain insight into the values a company … Continue reading »