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Sustainable Farms = Sustainable Food Supply

The term sustainable agriculture is used plenty these days. This is what sustainable means to me.As a dairy producer, my vision of sustainability encompasses;1) Sustaining the economic viability of our farm. This business must be profitable or it can

Al Gore Confirms what Dairy Farmers Know – U.S. Corn Ethanol is Not Good Policy

Last week, Al Gore had an epiphany that many dairy farmers had several years ago; corn-based ethanol is not good policy. He admitted he “made the mistake” of supporting corn-based ethanol to win votes from the farming population in Iowa and Tenness…

A Friday Full of Fertilizer!

Today we are ready to set the new fertilizer storage tank! Believe it or not our cows actually don’t make enough fertilizer for our crops and we have to purchase additional fertilizer every year to make sure we have enough good quality feed for the …