#Harvest14 Begins on Our Farm

#Harvest14 is off and going on our farm as of a couple days ago.   We look forward to a good harvest and hope everyone else has a bountiful one along with a safe one.   Her are a few photos as we got the first field of soybeans opened up and some ears from […]

5 Gifts Every Parent Should Give Their Child

When I embarked on writing 150 Things Everyone Should Do Before Graduation I thought of the biggest gifts I’ve gotten and those I try to pass along. There are many people who provide their children a nice home, food and “things.” The latest tech gadget? They have it. Video games or new music? They have […]

15 Indoor Projects for Rainy Days

Most of these projects can be done at home. Most are under $20. The rain is falling outside and while you enjoy watching it from a warm and dry window you find yourself wandering looking for something to do. All those ideas you had when it was hot and sunny and the “if I had […]

15 Easy Ways to Save Money

The little things really do add up. Saving an extra dollar here or $2 there can add up faster than you think. When you start looking at $20 and $30 differences it adds up much quicker still! For starters – Comparison shop – coupons, brand name, no name or store brands each can hold deals […]

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

We never really know what a person is battling. Genius comic and depression might seem unlikely characters, but depression doesn’t always look like it’s “supposed to”. Today’s crazy world keeps getting crazier, and for decades someone in the entertainment world made us laugh, made us cry, made us FEEL. Today Robin Williams left this world, […]

20 Ways to Preserve Your Family History

Preserving family history is important for many people. We pass information from generation to generation that may seem ordinary and unremarkable. We often don’t think our lives are anything special but what interest is there in recording family history? For some even outside their family it’s a fascinating look at a time in history or […]

Teaching Money Handling to Kids

From a very early age teaching money should be part of the education your child learns at home. While we often focus on other important things many children’s extent of money education is balancing a checkbook if that much! Of course age appropriate lessons are important. Teaching money can be as simple initially as the […]

Get Out of Debt Tips

Money is the thing few want to talk about and yet everyone is obsessed with. It is topic of discussion in politics, in holidays and in life. Who has it. Who doesn’t. How do we get more of it. Few things about how to use it better. Make money work for you rather than the […]

Feeding America Past and Present

So often we hear how farmers should go to the way it used to be. I wonder how many remember what that was? It’s an ideal, and not far from what we are, but it’s far from what people want to buy. So we work harder.   Do people remember the truth or the picture? […]