Kids, Animals, Death

Growing up on the farm I knew animals died, sometimes from illness or injury, sometimes expected, sometimes not. I see people online horrified that children have been exposed to the death of animals, but some that want to expose them further, charging cruelty for wearing leather or fur. Animal rights targets kids to get to […]

Fair Treatment & Reflections

Life isn’t fair. People aren’t fair. Sometimes we treat others unfairly, or in the ‘busy’ of life we don’t make that phone call or return that message. When it happens a few times, it’s a pretty clear message that it’s just not that important. Recently I read a book called Better Than Perfect – interesting […]

Life After Toxic People

It seems today’s world is surrounded with drama, and if it’s not there’s someone wanting to add some. Recently I posted about the serious issue of domestic violence, and the month is declared Domestic Violence month to bring awareness to the issue. Is it by accident that it’s also Family Health month and Mental Illness […]

When a Home Isn’t Safe

It’s a disease of hate that comes wrapped in an appearance of love. It’s around us, it infects our communities, it damages those who often have no history of discord. It’s a horrid nightmare when you’re in it, it’s a hopeless feeling to see someone in it and not be able to help.  Domestic violence […]

10 Time Saving HouseCleaning Tips

There are few people that I know who list house cleaning as their favorite jobs. While most like the results of a clean home the actual cleaning is not a joy for many but a necessity. For this reason saving time is important as well as saving money. One of the biggest time savers then […]

5 Gifts Every Parent Should Give Their Child

When I embarked on writing 150 Things Everyone Should Do Before Graduation I thought of the biggest gifts I’ve gotten and those I try to pass along. There are many people who provide their children a nice home, food and “things.” The latest tech gadget? They have it. Video games or new music? They have […]