Welcome to the Clan Ling Ling

A long awaited small ceremony happened this morning in a frigid Illinois courthouse. Nephew Jake and his bride Ling Ling are married, bringing another member to the family. My sister April’s son, Jake has been studying martial arts in China for several years. Some have seen snippets from him on the blog as well as […]

Saying Goodbye To Christmas

I don’t know if Santa was good to you this year or not, but he was sure good to me! Christmas by jenn-zeller featuring Cuisinart Sorel boots / SOREL equestrian boots / AE Fair Isle Sweater / AE Fair Isle Shawl Sweater / Cuisinart dinnerware / Isokinetics Balance/Exercise Ball Chair / Fifty Shades Of Hay […]

Where Are Parents? Be a Parent Not a Friend!

The young people gone wrong seems to add up. Where are parents? By the time these youth get to be teens, they need a grip on reality, the social of social media. Respect. There’s the 14 year old with an unspeakable actions on a young teacher. He lives, reportedly, with a mom and two younger […]

Fall Shots

It’s been two weeks or better since we did fall shots, and I still haven’t shared that with y’all. Fire me if you want to. I just got behind! I sort of live my life on the edge like that. But seeing as how we ship tomorrow (and likely there’ll be snow) and sell Friday […]