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What if Your Town is the Next Ground Zero?

I often have posts about community, home and ‘issues’ that aren’t strictly food or farm, but are an influence for many of us. We all see the major headlines, and we’re all just a few actions away from being the next one. Yesterday a young lady, who I will not name here for reasons of […]

Thanksgiving in Western North Dakota

Every Monday we welcome our daughter Kirsti to blog from her home in Western North Dakota’s oil patch.Thanksgiving came to our home this year.And when I say Thanksgiving, I mean family. From GriggsDakota. Yes, our family from GriggsDakota came to …

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for so many things in my life and I try to be grateful, daily. I wish you all the same — find the things in life that are blessings and focus on those: The eternal grace of God Second chances The love of a good man Supportive family Good dogs Great horses Having […]

What Kind of World

As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s natural to think of those things, situations and people we’re thankful for. I recently read “It’s a God Thing” and the incredible stories are inspiring. When there’s good things it’s easy to be hopeful – when it’s bad things, faith is needed. Today embraces a beginning and an aftermath. The […]

Great Gifts for Dad When Money is Tight

Dads vary widely in interests, likes, dislikes, imperfections and perfections. There is no gift we can give most dads that is close to that which they give us, but sometimes money is tight. Presents for dads becomes gift bargains for dads and – stretched further – outright cheap gifts for dads. What to do when […]

Storm Clouds – Remembering Helen

The storm clouds rolled in with a threatening appearance. Dark. Angry. Ahead of the storm there was blue sky and puffy clouds. Those are the ones we found pictures in…perhaps a dog or a heart or an alligator. But the dark ones held her look. They held the darkness of the days ahead. They held […]

Supporting Agriculture, Veterans, Slow Money

As I look at 53 years in life, in the US and in agriculture I’m listening to the Slow Money live stream. Here at SlowMoneyFarm we do things different in many ways. Many don’t like it. This morning I was told directly someone wanted us to cease to exist because of the slavery of animals. […]

Kids, Animals, Death

Growing up on the farm I knew animals died, sometimes from illness or injury, sometimes expected, sometimes not. I see people online horrified that children have been exposed to the death of animals, but some that want to expose them further, charging cruelty for wearing leather or fur. Animal rights targets kids to get to […]

Fair Treatment & Reflections

Life isn’t fair. People aren’t fair. Sometimes we treat others unfairly, or in the ‘busy’ of life we don’t make that phone call or return that message. When it happens a few times, it’s a pretty clear message that it’s just not that important. Recently I read a book called Better Than Perfect – interesting […]

Reduce Stress with These 6 Tips for Home, Work Balance

  Life can get out of hand sometimes and it’s easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of doing too much both at work and home. Before long both get overwhelming and neither are happy. Here are three tips each to helping keep home and work balanced. Home: 1.Learn to designate. Are there […]