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Almost a Date Night-Wordless Wednesday

Nothing screams romantic like helping your husband with farm tasks. Continue reading

Family Time

Enjoying the first vacation my family has been able to take that includes my parents in quite a few years. My parents and my one brother who has kids old enough are all here at Disneyland having fun with us. The dairy is finally at a place labor wise where we can coordinate days off … Continue reading »

Fredbird Comes to the Farm

A few weeks back we had a special guest at our hog farm, it was FREDBIRD from the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  The St. Louis Cardinals, and left-fielder, Matt Holliday, are teaming up with Missouri Farmer’s Care for their … Continue reading

Our Farm in Pictures 6-7-2011

Today we are out fertilizing the corn crop. We are putting on Nitrogen and Sulfur.

H.U.D. – Horrifically & Unbelievably Dissipative

Years ago, my grandfather put a two bedroom, single bath mobile home next to the barn. It has air conditioning, a working fireplace, stove, oven, refrigerator, free water and free trash, a large yard and is nestled underneath six large oak trees. It was his desire to offer this domicile to folks who were down on […]

Our Farm in Pictures 6-3-2011

Here is a few photos showing the progress of our crops this week.  The one crop I did not include is the alfalfa which is ready for the first cutting to be put down. The last picture is of our electrical controls at our bin site that were blown down in the wind a few […]

Friday farm tidbits

Happy Friday and happy June Dairy Month everyone!  Here are a few tidbits about what’s been happening on and around Gilmer Dairy Farm:It’s HOT, Man! – The weather around here has been brutal this week as we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures pus…

Has Disney Changed?

I grew up watching the Disney Sunday movie every week with my parents and siblings.  It was the highlight of the week for my sister and I and we couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive.  Mom would pop popcorn for … Continue reading

Dairy Farming in a Storm

Yesterday, I posted two pictures Tim took on Saturday. In case you missed it: We were enjoying a fun day at my parents’ celebrating our oldest’s birthday. Clouds started to appear in the sky and Tim suggested that we should … Continue reading

This Time of Year.

Been a while since I actually wrote something, so I thought I would update everyone on what exactly we are doing now that our planting season is over.  This week we have been cleaning up the planting equipment and getting seed corn ready for returning.  This included breaking down the plastic boxes which carry our […]