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The Blessing of Grandparents-Wordless Wednesday

Our boys are blessed to have a close and special relationship with their grandparents. Three generations work and play close together on our farmily farm. Continue reading

Farm Week In Pictures

This is a picture of some of our soybeans pushing thru the soil.  The power of the plant is amazing!!!


Last Sunday we were blessed to attend the High School graduation of Zach’s Daughter Kelsey. She is a beautiful young woman. And in keeping with my photographing journalism of our lives, I took more than enough pictures. There were smiles as they walked to their seats: There were hugs as parents and grandparents were given […]

Learning the Hard Way

As I thought about writing this post I am remembering the hundreds of times through my life that I have heard someone say “Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way” well that applies to the day that I … Continue reading

It’s a Baby!!!

Friday I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph a 6 week old baby! I have never gotten to do that before so I honestly had no idea what to expect. It was great fun! Babies have the cutest fingers and toes, and this baby was especially agreeable. I’m going to share with you a […]

Farm Week in Pictures 5/13/11

Planting into the night How did this miss us? Sunset Little guy fell asleep in the tractor, just like I used to. Watching Daddy plant Visiting the field and bringing Dad supper.  Don’t worry, that tractor isn’t running. One neighbor … Continue reading

The Ipad and Kids

This winter, I received an Ipad as part of a marketing promotion effort.  Needless to say, I was excited to finally get a chance to play with this cool new piece of technology that seems to be sweeping the globe.  To be perfectly honest I’ve been disappointed.  There’s one app, a magazine called Zite, that […]

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you ladies out there, and especially to all you farm moms.  Whether or not you have a direct role in “day-to-day” farm responsibilities, farms couldn’t function without the love and support you provide.  Our farm i…

NET Plot planting

Today we are planting a research plot on our farm.  They call it a NET (new experimental trial). This is the newest varieties prior to full production that we put against competitors.  We are a dealer for Producers Hybrids, a division of Ag Reliant …