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Time to Ditch the Water Rule

My husband, Kevin, and I farm with his parents and brother.  We are the 5th generation of farmers in our family and we raise hogs, cattle, corn, soybeans, and rye.  We are also raising our children on our farm and … Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Farm Shares

I’ve talked about community supported agriculture and farm shares with a wide range of people. I occasionally hear some variation of “but you’re selling something – you’re biased.” It’s true we’re crowdsourcing and selling our regular farm shares. I suppose for much marketing that is true. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t make it […]

Some Like It Hot – Peppers That Is!

For many, a pleasant, peppery taste of sweet peppers in a casserole or salad is enough of a pepper taste. Others like a little more! If this is you, check out our “Hot Stuff” and “Some Like It Hot” perks/rewards on our crowdsourcing project! With purple and early Jalapeno just a couple of the hot […]

PEDV – Here’s Your Sign!

I am pretty aggravated tonight so forgive me now if I am a little blunt in this post.  I’ve had a long day, and I know many other moms are feeling tired just like I am tonight.  When I came … Continue reading

Food Choices, Statistics & GMO

An interesting article in USA Today about GMO technology in agriculture. Now regular readers know we grow mostly heirlooms, with a few hybrids (in particular the Bianca pepper – high yields, mild flavor), but no GMO. But it always interests me that people want to talk about it. They’re curious, they’re afraid of it, they […]

Storm Prep – 20 Things You Need Besides Bread & Milk

People see a weather spat coming and rush to clear the shelves of bread and milk. It’s a ritual even thought most don’t have eggs to make French Toast or want sandwiches. Think beyond bread and milk! Think beyond fueling up vehicles. Think a few days without power, without being able to get out. 1. […]

Potato pancakes

I love potatoes. In fact if you don’t like potatoes I’m pretty sure we can’t be friends. I realize they’re probably not the best thing to eat if you’re trying to lose weight, but since the Super Bowl was this past weekend and I busted out some homemade potato skins, I had leftover potatoes. One […]

Coffee From Haiti for Haiti

Some of you will remember that last May I headed to Lexington, Ky for the Alltech International Ag Symposium. What an amazing experience. I made some great friends, met folks who’re involved in ag from all around the world, learned a lot, and of course had fun! I got to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, […]

Eating Rainbows in 2014

There are experts that encourage eating different colors of food – reds, white, greens etc. The nutrition varies, they say. But eating isn’t just nutrition. After all, how many “nutritionally complete” products exist that are dismissed for tasting like cardboard? More than that, what does eating rainbows mean? We have variety – including heirlooms that […]

The Food Knowledge Gap

This last week I heard someone talking about a recent hospital visit a family member had.  A nurse, who was providing care for the person, told them they needed to eat only organic food because it was healthier.  The nurse … Continue reading