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Farm Week in Pictures 10/28/2011

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Our Farm Week In Pictures 10-16-2011

Just a few pictures to catch you up with what we have going this time of year.  We are currently very busy with yellow corn harvest and have seen some very good yields.  We finished soybeans a few days ago.  The corn is still a little too wet to go to the elevator with it […]

Occupy Combine: The Movement

There is a new movement afoot throughout rural America. Every fall, millions of farmers climb In their combine, head to the field and harvest their crops. Over the past couple of years, though, farmers began to add to this annual traditi…

Our Farm Week In Pictures 10-6-2011

We have been very busy around here.  Harvest is in full swing.  We will finish with soybeans by tomorrow and switch to corn.  The yields on the soybeans have been very good, but there are some larger varietal differences than I would like to see.  Sounds like a front moving in will bring rain by […]

Plowing Up Peanuts

The boys are plowing up peanuts in preparation for harvest later this week.  Uncle Gene’s peanuts are the first ones to be ready on the farm this year. Plowing up peanuts is a fairly simple concept. The peanut plow, normally known as a “shaker,” … Continue reading

Caught up, milk’s up, and back to harvesting

We took a break from harvesting silage last week to catch up on some other jobs around the dairy farm. Although Monday was pretty much a washout thanks to Tropical Storm Lee and its nearly 7″ of rain (much needed, by the way), we did fit in a lot of wo…

Smack-dab in the middle of harvest

Life hasn’t slowed down on the farm since our hectic “hay day” a couple of weeks ago. In fact, it’s done just the opposite. We’ve come to the point in the year when our nerves, our patience, and our equipment is pushed to the limit. That’s right…we’r…