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Tulips and alfalfa are confused….

On eof the many tulips I have, wondering is it winter or summer in MN?Boy does this weather in MN have my plants, flowers & veggies confused!  Not to mention the poor cows.  Just yesterday afternoon we were dodging thunderstorms in a humi…

Farm Week in Pictures 02/02/2012

Not a great variety of pictures this week because we haven’t done a great variety of things.    We have hauled a bunch of grain though.  Soybeans, waxy corn, and corn to the ethanol plant.  Here’s a couple pictures of … Continue r…

Soybean Harvest 2011 Video

Our combine doing its thing during this year’s harvest! Filed under: Harvest 2011 Tagged: harvest, video, YouTube

Soybean Harvest 2011 Video

Our combine doing its thing during this year’s harvest! Filed under: Equipment Tagged: harvest, video, YouTube

Cotton Harvest

Everyone knows that the greatest curse a southern woman can say is “bless her heart,” but have you ever heard someone say, “Well, bless her cotton pickin’ heart!” or “That just makes me so cotton pickin’ mad!” I didn’t realize … Continue reading

Down in the River Bottom

One of our fields rests alongside the Wabash River.  It’s a long crescent shape and you can’t see both ends of it at the same time, even if you’re out in the middle.  We have to move our equipment down … Continue reading →

Farm Week in Pictures 10/28/2011

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Our Farm Week In Pictures 10-16-2011

Just a few pictures to catch you up with what we have going this time of year.  We are currently very busy with yellow corn harvest and have seen some very good yields.  We finished soybeans a few days ago.  The corn is still a little too wet to go to the elevator with it […]

Occupy Combine: The Movement

There is a new movement afoot throughout rural America. Every fall, millions of farmers climb In their combine, head to the field and harvest their crops. Over the past couple of years, though, farmers began to add to this annual traditi…

Farm Week in Pictures 10/8/2011

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