A Pretty Mecate

I seriously don’t know how I missed posting this here.   These. These custom, gorgeous, handmade mecate reins. Sigh. The hackamore was a gift from the Cowboy to me, last year for my birthday. Talk about an awesome birthday gift! It’s kangaroo hide, and it is so soft and shapeable. Doesn’t Dino look gorgeous in […]

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From the Rodear

We have two brandings on our place, as a general rule. Our big Father’s Day party, and another, smaller branding around the Fourth of July.  This year, I spent the entire July 4th branding, horseback, either roping or holding herd, so I don’t have photos of that little party. I do, however, have photos of us […]

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When The Wind Damages

Many have noticed the sudden disappearance of posts on social media and, due to access, this blog. On June 8, a sudden but brief storm rearranged SlowMoneyFarm. We had to immediately get past shock to survival. Rebuilding has begun but it will be a long, long time coming. Trees were down, and crushed the mobile […]

The Wreck

I’ve been getting to barrel race a little bit this summer, and Avie and I are really clicking! Thursday before our Father’s Day Branding, I took him to the local Jackpot, where Gump and I have won a couple buckles in the summer series. I love running on a standard pattern so this arena is […]

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Foals on Film

I thought, since I’m behind, I’d take a moment to share the cuteness that has been Tony and Issimo growing up this summer. Here’s Issimo getting scratched, and feeling the need to scratch back… Issimo loves his scratches! #foals #thedxranch #horses #ig_equine #lovehim #love #ranchlife A video posted by Jenn Z (@thesdcowgirl) on Jun 24, […]

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