Appreciate a Cow Today

The cow is one of the most under-appreciated animals by the public. People talk of the horse’s roll in settling America but forget that many preferred oxen – cattle – to till and move loads. They were slower, but stronger and usually less apt to spook. They were also something that could be raised from […]

Feeding America Past and Present

So often we hear how farmers should go to the way it used to be. I wonder how many remember what that was? It’s an ideal, and not far from what we are, but it’s far from what people want to buy. So we work harder.   Do people remember the truth or the picture? […]

Goodbye, My Fridge

Well, I did something I thought I’d never do. I sold my handsome gray colt, DX Frigid Aire. Yes. He’s gone. When I rode at the Buck clinic in Rapid City, a friend of ours was there watching for three days. He kept telling me what a nice colt I had (other folks said he […]

This week in photos

Again, busy doesn’t really begin to describe my current situation. Tonight, if it dries up from the thunderstorm that rolled through here at 4am this morning, I have a family photo session. Tuesday I have a Wedding to photograph, Wednesday a barrel race- (speaking of there’s video from my first run in two years to […]

This week on the ranch

It’s finally stopped raining here! After an almost entirely wet month of June with no more than two days at a time sans rain, we’ve been without rain for most of this week. I don’t mind rain, but it does have to dry up so that we can get the hay cut, raked, baled and […]

This week in Instagram

There’s been so much that’s happened in this past week it will have to take an entire post (or two or three) to catch you all up. In the meantime here are some photos from stuff that’s occurred. Muddy Boots in the hallway: A Storm is a brewin’: Trot on Banjo: My pretty Cosmo: My […]

June at the Dairy – Crops, Tours, Parties, 4-H & Kittens

The last few weeks have been full of action at our farm. These images share the activity we’ve enjoyed during the last few weeks.  

Garrett and the other Geauga Dairymen 4-H club members started working with their animals. This involves petting and brushing them. Then getting a halter on to lead them around when they are ready.
Garrett with Lucy (the black & white heifer) and Vanessa (red & white heifer)
Garrett and Jack brush the heifers
Jack connects with Lucy, the heifer Garrett showed at the Fair in 2013
Jack and Garrett hold two of the new kittens at the farm
Jack loves the kittens!
Farm cat, Peaches, with her babies
The 4-H boys play with the kittens while the cows watch
The planting of our corn and Sudan grass crops is complete for 2014! These crops are emerging from the soil. It’s a great feeling to see the crops growing. The weather is cooperating this year!

Corn emerging from the soil
The corn crop
We’ve been busy with tours. In the last few weeks, we’ve hosted nine groups on our farm.
Students watch cows in the milking parlor, the cows are curious about the students too!
Jack shows the students a milking machine while they observe the milking process
Students watching the cows milking
A Day Camp group having lunch in the Parlor Room
Visitors interacting with the calves
My Dad gives visitors a ride around the farm
College Dietetic Interns say hello to the heifers
Young visitors enjoy the tractor on the playground
Fun on the tire snake
My sons are out of school for the summer. They invited some of their friends to the farm to celebrate the last day of school.
My Dad gives another wagon ride through the barn. Thanks Dad!
Jack and his buddies in the corn box
Rowdy boys on the parlor balcony
This calf really likes Ben!
Jack’s buddies are ready for a ride on the train

The celebration of June Dairy Month continues!

The boys climbing on the hay bales
The center of our farm . . . the cows. We love our cows!