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Another Branding!

I’m headed to Texas this week, to hang out with my dad (and the rest of my family), who celebrates 35 years with the same company on Friday. It’s practically unheard of these days that someone will stay with one company for that long, but Daddy has done just that. He went to work for […]

Just Pets

Lately we’ve been contacting our legislators with concerns about the APHIS/USDA amendment that could target rabbit breeders as well as farm animals as “pets” and require inspections and licensing. It’s represented that this is to increase the care of animals in puppy mills. We’re asking for assistance, outright, in getting our representatives to get this […]

Eagle Butte’s High School Rodeo

I got to go to the local high school rodeo a couple weeks ago, because The Cowboy’s niece was running barrels, and since her horse lives here, I was the lucky girl who got to get him ready and haul him to town. I’m not going to lie, I enjoy getting horses ready for the […]

Photo of the Week

This week you can purchase “Sun Flare In December” in a 16×24 size for $40+$10 S&H. Regularly priced at $55.92+ $10 S&H, you’re getting a pretty good discount, on a gorgeous photo that would be a great addition to any room! Also, don’t forget that you can now shop my photos right from my Facebook […]

Let’s Check On the Cows

This past weekend we turned the cows out to pasture, and as there are still a handful to calve, and they’re out in the pasture where there’s a dam, we try to ride through them at least once a day, if not more. I figured I could take you on yesterdays ride, so here goes! […]

This week in pictures…

On yesterday’s ride, Nora and I saw this big bull snake! Clearly, it wintered well!

One of my cute kids checks me out to make sure I don’t have something yummy for her!

There was fencing to be done!

And of course, gorgeous views!