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Let’s Check On the Cows

This past weekend we turned the cows out to pasture, and as there are still a handful to calve, and they’re out in the pasture where there’s a dam, we try to ride through them at least once a day, if not more. I figured I could take you on yesterdays ride, so here goes! […]

This week in pictures…

On yesterday’s ride, Nora and I saw this big bull snake! Clearly, it wintered well!

One of my cute kids checks me out to make sure I don’t have something yummy for her!

There was fencing to be done!

And of course, gorgeous views!



I snapped this photo of my now, almost year-old colt this week! He is registered as Dx Frigid Air and he’s going to be gray!!!! Isn’t he handsome?

Happy Thursday!

The Girls…

I went to visit yesterday and snapped this photo with my iPhone. After a mile long fencing project yesterday, which only involved getting 250 posts pounded into the ground, I haven’t the energy to share more this morning. Plus, I’m in charge of the chores today so I have to head to the corrals! Happy […]

A Day in my Life…

Well, folks, we like to say that everyday is like a holiday around here. And that’s true because we do get to do something we love everyday, even though sometimes the task may not be our favorite- like say fixing fence or even building fence. When it comes to those things, I’m not gonna lie- […]

Scatter Butte

I feel it is now worth mentioning (and I happen to have time right now) to share with you some good news. Some of you may remember my photo: Scatter Butte. Last fall I entered it into the Ex Arte Equinus International Art Horse competition. It was selected as as finalist. There were over a […]